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By joining one of our giving circles you will have a profound impact on the ability of Chatham House to sustain its important work. You will join a network of pre-eminent individuals who enjoy a close and curated relationship with our events, research and leadership.
Chatham House is a charity incorporated by Royal Charter and relies on a mix of membership subscriptions, research grants from foundations and companies and government departments to achieve its mission.
Over the past ten years, Chatham House has developed a network of committed and engaged individual supporters who believe in the Royal Institute’s ability to effect change through dialogue, independent research, new ideas and leadership.
These individuals join one of the institute’s four giving circles.
The Presidents’ Circle
The Presidents’ Circle comprises individuals who are committed to the lasting success of the institute for generations to come. Donations at this level enable Chatham House to undertake major initiatives.
The Director’s Circle
Through regular engagement with the director of Chatham House, members of the Director’s Circle enjoy a close connection with the institute’s research initiatives and strategic projects, and generously provide unrestricted funds to support them.
The Lionel Curtis Group
Individuals in this group feel a strong affinity to the work of Chatham House, and the desire to provide financial support at a higher level as a couple.
The William Pitt Group
Comprising a group of individuals with a passion for international affairs and a desire to engage more closely with our work, members of the William Pitt Group provide essential unrestricted support to the institute.
Email Donor Relations or call +44 (0) 20 7314 3663
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