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A Christian Science perspective on vaccination and public health
Concern for public health and safety is something that all responsible people share—including Christian Scientists. Grateful as we are to live in communities where honest differences can be respected, Christian Scientists are also mindful of the obligations all citizens have to respect the rights of others in their communities.
God’s grace enables progress and joy, say Christian Scientists at annual meeting
In a year often defined by uncertainty, Christian Scientists gathered at their online annual meeting to acknowledge the ways in which God’s love and mercy have opened paths of progress and joy in individual lives and collective church experience. The meeting was live-streamed to members around the globe on June 7 from The First Church of Christ, Scientist, the church’s headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts. 
Christian Scientists and respect for the rights of others
Like people of many faiths, Christian Scientists take the Golden Rule as basic ethics. It guides our relations with society, and while we can’t claim to have been always perfect in this regard, we feel strongly about respecting the rights of our neighbors and fellow citizens… 
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“the respect mutual and the listening two-way”
A comment posted by the Committee on Publication response to the program “Here & Now” on National Public Radio in the U.S. --
As a Christian Scientist, I’m always grateful for the understanding and respect shown by physicians toward our religious practice, so I particularly appreciate the thoughtful understanding Dr. Ray Barfield seeks to encourage in his medical students toward the varying religious views of those they encounter. I agree with him that the respect needs to be mutual and the listening two-way…Read more
A letter about Mary Baker Eddy
This letter to the editor was submitted to The Wall Street Journal, in response to an opinion piece that referred to Mary Baker Eddy, the founder of the Church of Christ, Scientist.… Read more
A study of Christian Science testimonies of healing
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