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Each summer, university students and recent grads intern with The Mother Church to gain professional experience, new friendships, and deepen their commitment to Christian Science. They bring fresh ideas and contribute unique skills to the Christian Science movement.
The 2022 summer internship program will run 11 weeks, from May 31-August 12.
Application deadline is February 4.
What Do Interns Do?
Interns spend about 90% of their time working for a single church department and 10% of their time as a group. This dynamic structure allows them to work with a lot of people at The Mother Church and receive professional mentoring from a variety of supervisors. During group time they gain a deeper understanding of the full range of resources and programs which The Mother Church supports, and will have opportunities to contribute to them. 
What Kind of Work?
Internships are offered in a wide variety of study areas: program and event planning, community building, publishing, editorial, library science, and more. Ideally, each intern finds opportunities directly related to their field of study.
What Do Interns Do as a Group?
About 10% of the interns’ time is spent as a group where they:
Who Can Apply?
Applicants from anywhere in the world are welcome. Due to visa restrictions, additional requirements may apply to applicants from outside the United States. Applicants who are currently studying in the United States on an F-1 visa must select an internship that relates directly to their major area of study.  Applicants who are currently studying at, or have recently graduated from, a university outside of the United States should be prepared to meet the following J-1 visa requirements:
  1. They must demonstrate English language proficiency;
  2. The internship must be related to their academic field of study.
If you are studying outside the United States and are considering applying, we can answer any questions you may have. Please reach out to us at tmcyouthintern@christianscience.com.
What’s the Compensation?
If the program is in Boston, interns will receive a $300/week living stipend, as well as housing near The Mother Church.  We do not know at this time if the program will be in Boston or online. The living stipend and housing are taxable benefits. 
What's the Application Process?
Just fill out the online application and either attach your resume and cover letter in the application or email them to tmcyouthintern@christianscience.com. Please be sure to tell us your field of study and what you’d like to do at The Mother Church. We interview most applicants; however due to the volume of applications we receive, unfortunately we are not able to meet with everyone. There will be two rounds of interviews. The first will be with the Internship Coordinator and the second will be with sponsoring departments.
Applications are due by February 4, 2022. Final decisions will be made by the end of February.
Please send an email to:
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