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Latest news and forecasts
The official hurricane forecast track could be confusing the public
The two largest wildfires in the US have burned land nearly the size of New York City, Los Angeles and Chicago combined
Drought worsens in California as region faces more triple-digit heat, making it tougher to control the wildfires
Video: Neighbors capture house crashing into the ocean
This house on Argentina's Atlantic coast collapsed into the ocean. Argentina is one of the many countries facing rising sea levels. 
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The Greek alphabet will never be used again to name tropical storms
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Climate crisis: Facing Earth's greatest challenge
The two largest wildfires in the US have burned land nearly the size of New York City, Los Angeles and Chicago combined
Video: Neighbors capture house crashing into the ocean
California and Nevada officials are pleading for more federal resources to tame wildfires raging in the West
The West's historic drought in 3 maps
A year-round wildfire season
Historic heat
These cities have the worst urban heat, where temperatures can spike 15-20 degrees in a matter of blocks
Extreme heat cooked mussels, clams and other shellfish alive on beaches in Western Canada
Extreme heat could kill nearly all young salmon in the Sacramento River, officials say
How the highly unusual Death Valley temperatures just got more complicated
Climate change is fueling mass-casualty heat waves. Here's why experts say we don't view them as crises
World weather news
Weekly weather column
July 12th: You go from having a nice sunny day right back to some of the worst weather you can find yourself in
July 5th: Temperatures in the West expected to climb to records as drought conditions worsen
June 28th: This forecast could extinguish your July 4th BBQ plans
Wildfire season along the California coast
Fire origin
Fire perimeter
Hotspot (24hr)
Hotspot (48hr)
Drought envelops the US West
Weather forecasters fear exceptional drought conditions observed in Western states could lead to severe fire conditions.
Data is reported weekly. Map updated and represents analysis as of .
Source: US Drought Monitor
Graphic: John Keefe, CNN
How is the historic drought in the Western US affecting you?
Much of the Western US is enduring of one of the worst droughts in its recorded history. As the crisis persists, we want to hear from you: How is your family or community being impacted by the drought? Are you concerned about water shortages or wildfires in the months to come? And if so, what are you doing to prepare?
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