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As a recommender, you need to support a diverse range of students and families. Common App for recommenders offers a simple way to manage your workflow and help your students soar.
Introducing the new Common App for recommenders
It's difficult for counselors and recommenders to support all their students through the college application process. Common App for recommenders is a free solution that streamlines the recommendation process and supports all your students applying through Common App.
Plus, our advisor tools make it easy for independent counselors and CBOs to track the progress of their students.
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Access college lists for each of your students. Track individual student progress, view individual college requirements and see the submission status of teacher recommendations.
How can the Common App for recommenders help you?
For school counselors
For teachers and other recommenders
For independent counselors and advisors
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Supporting students can be hard. Supporting the recommendation process doesn’t need to be.
Our Solutions Center support team is available 24/7/365 to help you help your students. Visit our support portal to:
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