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ConsentManager is a product of consentmanager AB. Sales and Support are handeled via consentmanager GmbH, Germany, and consentmanager SAS, France.
consentmanager AB
Håltegelvägen 1b
72348 Västerås

Tel.:+(46) 070 382 3647
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(no Support!)

Managing director:Jan Winkler
Int. VAT-ID:SE559053195901
Godkänd för F-skatt

consentmanager GmbH
Eppendorfer Weg 183
20253 Hamburg

Tel.:+49 (0)40-228544660
(no Support!)
(no Support!)

Managing director:Christofer Linusson
Int. VAT-ID:DE334454594
Amtsgericht Hamburg
HRB 164932
consentmanager SAS
35 Boulevard Saint Michel
75005 Paris

Tel.:+33 (0)61-0963541
(no Support!)
(no Support!)

Managing director:Olivier Chouraki
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consentmanager.net is a IAB registered CMP (Consent Management Provider) with CMP ID 31 at consentmanager.mgr.consensu.org. We provide services in order to obtain consent from your websites users and make this consent available to your advertising partners.

The consentmanager.net CMP comes with support for 30 languages, individual Designs, Reporting, integrated A/B-testing & Design Optimizer as well as an integrated Cookie-Crawler. As one of the few CMP-Companies that are based in Europe we are dedicated in making your website GDPR-compliant. We do not use any “Cloud-Servers” but only own servers in Datacenters in Europe. Our clients include Newspapers, Advertising agencies and Networks.

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