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What if you could join a community that finds evidence of progress, and seeks real-life examples of resilience, courage, and compassion? The Christian Science Monitor Community is such a place.
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Finding Resilience in Ukraine
The world has been inspired by the depth of resistance and resilience in Ukraine. In this hour-long discussion, Monitor editors and the reporters who have been covering the conflict from inside Ukraine take a closer look at Ukraine’s remarkable and cohesive response to resist the Russian assault. Through the conflict, you will see – and be lifted – by the “sparks in the darkness.” And we explore how people and countries around the world are responding with aid and what you can do to help.
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Overcoming adversity: How the pandemic revealed resilience
When Veronica Quiroga and her fellow students at Fordham University set out to interview Bronx residents about surviving the pandemic, they expected tales of woe. Instead, they found people kept using one particular quality to describe their experiences: resilience. Despite one of the city’s darkest eras in recent memory, the light of community, family, and perseverance shone through in the voices of the Bronx COVID-19 Oral History Project.
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A master class in building respect across deep divides
Explore what it takes to build respect in politics, race, education, and religion. Two Monitor correspondents share what they've learned from people around the world who are doing the hard work of challenging the narrative of polarization.
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How a teen confronts discrimination and inequality one book at a time
Determination in the face of obstacles or hardship is a quality found and valued around the world. In this online event, we talk to Sadiya Shaikh, a Muslim university student in India, who’s confronting discrimination in religion, gender, and educational opportunities. Sadiya opened a small library for young readers in her family’s hometown. In rural India, where school options are limited, a public library like Sadiya’s offers a path to education. And Sadiya is working to open 39 libraries in her home state.
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Meet the writers who bring you news from a perspective you can’t find anywhere else--from more than a dozen bureaus worldwide. See why they are the Monitor’s window into a world of hope, compassion, resilience, and courage.
‘From Midwest to Middle East’: Taylor Luck on keeping an open heart (audio)
So how did the Monitor’s Taylor Luck become a Middle East correspondent? In his own words, he “jumped from the Midwest to the Middle East with an open heart and an open mind.”
‘The moment when life changes’: Harry Bruinius on finding the story (audio)
What makes a story, a story? For Harry Bruinius, the Monitor’s New York bureau chief, it’s the moment a person’s life changes. He has long brought this approach to his reporting, covering issues of religion, race, and even gun violence.
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