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What if you could join a community that finds evidence of progress, and seeks real-life examples of resilience, courage, and compassion? The Christian Science Monitor Community is such a place.
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A master class in building respect across deep divides
Explore what it takes to build respect in politics, race, education, and religion. Two Monitor correspondents share what they've learned from people around the world who are doing the hard work of challenging the narrative of polarization.
How a teen confronts discrimination and inequality one book at a time
Determination in the face of obstacles or hardship is a quality found and valued around the world. In this online event, we talk to Sadiya Shaikh, a Muslim university student in India, who’s confronting discrimination in religion, gender, and educational opportunities. Sadiya opened a small library for young readers in her family’s hometown. In rural India, where school options are limited, a public library like Sadiya’s offers a path to education. And Sadiya is working to open 39 libraries in her home state.
Healing racial injustice. How news can help bring us together.
In any community, the past may contain great wrongs--wrongs some residents know nothing about, but others cannot forget. Is it possible for such episodes in human history to be addressed, uplifted, and, ultimately, healed?
Signs of hope, compassion, and progress in the Middle East
Enjoy this lively discussion with the Monitor's Middle East special correspondent Taylor Luck and managing editor Amelia Newcomb who also took questions from Monitor subscribers. If you have read Taylor Luck’s stories from the Middle East you will find them laced with the qualities of compassion, integrity, and hope. And he has a special knack for finding intriguing people and introducing them to Monitor readers.
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Monitor Community gives you access to journalists around the world.
Meet the writers who bring you news from a perspective you can’t find anywhere else--from more than a dozen bureaus worldwide. See why they are the Monitor’s window into a world of hope, compassion, resilience, and courage.
‘What binds us together’: Sara Miller Llana on the generosity of sources (audio)
Learning what motivates the people she meets helps this reporter deliver the fullest possible versions of their stories. 
‘From Midwest to Middle East’: Taylor Luck on keeping an open heart (audio)
So how did the Monitor’s Taylor Luck become a Middle East correspondent? In his own words, he “jumped from the Midwest to the Middle East with an open heart and an open mind.”
‘The moment when life changes’: Harry Bruinius on finding the story (audio)
What makes a story, a story? For Harry Bruinius, the Monitor’s New York bureau chief, it’s the moment a person’s life changes. He has long brought this approach to his reporting, covering issues of religion, race, and even gun violence.
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