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Would you believe I was a bully?
Being a “mean girl” gave this teen a sense of identity she didn’t want to lose. But a fresh, spiritual take on individuality changed the way she saw herself – and interacted with others – for the better.
Let your light shine
As God’s children, we’re all created to reflect toward others the healing, guiding light of the Divine.
Free from sports betting
Sports betting has become a multibillion-dollar industry. But activity based on chance can never provide the security that comes from trusting in God, who is unchanging good.
Are our happiness goals ambitious enough?
When our quest for happiness starts from a selfless, spiritual basis, we – and others – are inevitably blessed.
No curse there
Recognizing that God has created us to bless, not harm, uplifts our thoughts and actions toward others, which in turn benefits our interactions and relationships.
Duty, joy, and protection
When we’re letting love for God and for our neighbors motivate us, blessings ensue – even when circumstances seem less than ideal, as a woman experienced when unexpectedly faced with a 3.5-mile walk home on an unusually hot day.
Peace begins with each of us
Peace might seem unattainable at times. But on the International Day of Peace (today) and always, acting on each opportunity to be a peacemaker brings practical solutions that can have far-reaching effects.
Ready to move
When we welcome divine inspiration into our hearts, we’re inevitably moved to compassion, kindness, patience, and joy.
Bringing a full response to climate change
In the face of climate concerns, we can actively participate as healers – praying to find practical solutions that have their basis in unchanging God, good.
Moving forward – at Love’s urging
At times fear or frustration may seem to thwart our path forward. But when we let God, Love, light our way, blessings follow.
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A book that heals
There’s even more to the Bible than interesting stories and poetry – it’s the practical, healing Word of God, which the textbook of Christian Science helps unlock.
Loving the Earth
Letting God, divine Love, inspire our efforts to help the planet buoys those efforts, as this short podcast explores.
The unseen hand that guides us
When we’re willing to look beneath the surface and see things through a spiritual lens, we’re better equipped to feel the healing, guiding power of God in our lives.
Can you win at losing?
The concept of losing is generally thought of as a negative. But when we lose a mortal, limited view of life and replace it with the uplifted understanding of life as spiritual, loss becomes a win.
Immortality runs in the family
Recognizing that life, not decline, is our God-given birthright brings greater joy and freedom into our experience.
Comfort and strength when life has been lost
Whether we’re taking a moment to honor those who lost their lives on Sept. 11, 2001, honoring the life of a public figure, mourning a personal loss, or praying for others caught up in tragic events, a spiritual view of life in God brings healing strength and comfort – as a couple experienced after their daughter was killed in a car accident.
Addressing negative self-talk
Negative self-talk comes to thought aggressively, suggesting we are inadequate. But we can counter it with the spiritual truth that we are made in the image of God, divine Mind, and therefore hear and respond only to His thoughts.
All one with God
As we come to understand that we are all included in God’s divine family, feelings of loneliness and despondency are lifted.
Labor and rest
Whether it’s a day set aside for rest or it’s the middle of a busy workday, we can find the peace we need in humility and worshiping God.
Honoring God
Worshiping God means fully honoring Deity as the only power. This author discovered that striving to honor God in her daily activities and in her approach to world issues provides practical solutions and healing inspiration.
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