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Commentary | A Christian Science Perspective
Strengthening family ties
Sometimes the responsibility of helping a loved one with a problem can feel oppressive. But a spiritual view of everyone’s roots as children of God brings inspiration that rejuvenates, strengthens our connections with others, and opens the door to solutions.
Prayerful parenting during extreme times
All-consuming fear about one’s children – their development and well-being – falls away as we trust God, the divine Parent of all.
I don’t have any racist thoughts ... do I?
Caught off guard by the reflex fear he felt when a Black man approached him on the side of the road, a white man realized he could do better when it came to loving his neighbor. He found a powerful starting point in the idea that we are all God’s children, created to express harmony and love. It’s a message we can all take to heart as Juneteenth approaches – and every day.
Looking to God for ‘satisfying’
Understanding and living the truth of what we are as children of God, divine Love, brings a satisfaction that materialism can never match.
Hear the message of God’s love for you
God is always speaking to each of us – and we can hear the divine message that heals, restores, uplifts.
Outside your comfort zone?
When those around us don’t share our language or culture, it can sometimes feel disconcerting, even alienating. But recognizing that we’re all part of God’s universal family empowers us to build bridges and make meaningful connections, wherever we may be.
Change of heart
Dissatisfaction, uncertainty, and misplaced hopes yield to joy, peace, and progress when we welcome divine Love into our heart, as this poem conveys.
When creativity struck at midnight
When a computer problem the night before a major project was due meant having to rewrite the whole thing, a man despaired at the situation. But the realization that we can never be cut off from God’s inspiration and wisdom brought peace of mind that enabled him to successfully fulfill the task.
Stomach problems healed after finding Christian Science
Frequently bedridden and unable to attend school due to various ailments, a young woman yearned for healing. That’s when her family learned about Christian Science – and it turned the situation around completely.
Finding reliable, lasting security
If events beyond our control leave us feeling insecure and afraid, where can we turn? As a family experienced after coming face to face with an intruder in their home, lingering fear is no match for God’s ever-present love and goodness.
Photos of the week (Feb. 27 to March 5)
Nancy Van Der Stracten practices boxing with her trainer, Muhammed Ali Kardas, at a boxing club in the southern resort city of Antalya, Turkey, on Feb. 26.
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Grace to go forward
Even when the way is difficult, God’s empowering, healing grace is ever-active and present to impel progress.
The ‘gentle grace of Love’
No matter what we’re going through, God’s gift of grace is here to heal, bless, and uplift, as this poem highlights. (Read it or listen to it being sung.)
Go forward with God’s grace
“Grace and Truth are potent beyond all other means and methods,” Mary Baker Eddy wrote. Turning to divine Truth empowers us to feel and express God’s healing, unifying grace, even when difficulties arise.
Healing’s deeper reward: Experiencing God
Christ Jesus’ teachings and example offer a powerful basis not only for the healing of mental and physical problems, but also for a transformative shift in perspective on the nature of existence.
The mom in the SUV and the truck with the flag
We don’t need to let anger and self-righteousness get the better of us. Letting God, divine Love, inform what we think and do fosters wisdom, calm, and a spirit of respect instead of rashness.
To comfort – and be comforted
As we head into Memorial Day weekend in the United States, we’re recalling moving experiences where people supported those who served in the military and their loved ones. In this article, originally written in 2008, a Christian Science chaplain in the US Army shares how turning to God has brought inspiration that healed his own grief and empowered him to offer meaningful comfort and strength to others, too.
Seeing and being seen – spiritually
Sometimes it can seem that masks can hamper our ability to have meaningful interactions with one another. But we all have a God-given ability to connect with, love, and help others – even when our faces are covered.
No labels needed
If we’re feeling limited by how we – or others – are defining ourselves, considering how God made us puts us on the path to healing and progress.
Embracing change
Sometimes change can seem scary. But recognizing that God’s goodness is constant and unchanging enables us to approach changes in circumstance with peace of mind.
Love beats fatigue
If we feel as though we don’t have the energy to do what we’re called upon to do, a heartfelt desire to let God’s love shine through us is a rejuvenating place to start.
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