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The most powerful starting point
When things go awry, recognizing the power and presence of God, good, opens the door to solutions and healing.
‘Miracles’ for everyone
Learning something of the divine law that undergirded Jesus’ healing works empowers us to experience God’s universal, healing goodness more fully – right here and now in our daily lives.
Lifted out of disappointment
Recognizing our unity with God empowers us to lift ourselves and others out of mental funks.
What we most need
When times get tough, learning more about the kingdom of God may not seem like a priority. But doing exactly that opens the door to solutions that meet our needs, as a man experienced firsthand after he hit rock bottom.
Beyond moral outrage to moral courage
Love and humility, not rage, are the qualities that enable us to play a part in healing injustice in the world.
Our mental faculties belong to God
Recognizing that each of us is sustained and cared for by God empowers us to more consistently and thoroughly assimilate, retain, and recall the information we need to.
The ‘yoke’ that makes burdens light
Wearing a “yoke” in our daily lives may sound like an encumbrance. But when it’s the figurative yoke of Christ, we find ourselves better equipped to navigate life’s challenges with God-given strength, grace, joy, and love.
Finding genuine connection
Unsure how to relate to a colleague of a different race, a woman prayed for inspiration. The realization that we are all created to reflect God’s love lifted her insecurity – and a heart-to-heart connection opened up between the two of them.
Lessons on integrity in politics
To the extent that each of us strives to practice integrity, our communities and world benefit – and everyone is capable of doing this. In this article written some years ago but still relevant today, a man shares life-changing lessons he learned following his pivotal role in the 1972 Watergate scandal.
Comfort, strength, and reconciliation
Recognizing everyone’s nature as God’s child offers a powerful basis for learning from mistakes, loving our neighbors of all backgrounds more freely, and moving forward together.
A very special gift – praising God
Have you ever thought of praising God as a gift – not just to God, but to us?
Safe in the storm
A woman whose coastal community faced multiple hurricane threats explores the power of God, good, to bring safety and peace of mind even in frightening situations.
Not just surviving but thriving!
Have you ever thought about salvation as more than simply being protected or saved from harm, but living in a fuller, more meaningful, God-inspired way?
Where did they go?
As families and friends continue to mourn those lost in the Surfside, Florida, condo collapse, we thought of this article from the archives. Though written nearly 20 years ago, it has a timeless message of God’s eternal care for all His children that feels just as relevant now as when it was first published.
Touched by the simplicity of Christ
Even just a moment of genuine yearning to feel closer to God, good, can have profound effects.
My ‘done’ list
Sometimes to-do lists can feel overwhelming. But God has given each of us the grace, patience, and creativity we need to accomplish what we need to.
How sacrament healed me of loneliness
Every day offers the opportunity to commune with God in prayer that opens our eyes to Christ’s powerful, healing presence.
How forgiveness helped my family
When a misunderstanding within her family spiraled out of control, a teen asked God for help in forgiving her dad. The healing effects of that love-fueled prayer were profound and lasting.
Good that can’t be stopped
Sometimes it can seem that goodness can run out. But as a family experienced after one of them lost his job, recognizing God as the source of unlimited good empowers us to experience that goodness more consistently in our everyday lives.
Finding true freedom
It can seem that there are all kinds of things that would limit us – illness, age, history, for instance. But recognizing our true nature as God’s children brings healing and freedom from limitations.
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