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Commentary | A Christian Science Perspective
Where is God when bad things happen?
When problems arise, where does God fit in? This short podcast explores a view of God that empowers us to experience stability, peace of mind, and healing when we’re faced with difficult situations.
‘What if’ or ‘what is’?
It can be tempting to get overwhelmed by fearful “what if” thinking. But getting to know God as entirely good replaces doubt and uncertainty with confidence, clarity, and healing.
Embrace the wilderness
Sometimes life’s challenges may make us feel alone and adrift. But we can let God’s love bring healing, joy, and light to our path – as a woman experienced after the loss of her mom and stepdad.
What’s more powerful than fire?
Whether the “fires” we’re faced with are literal or figurative, we can turn to God for inspiration that guides us safely through – no matter our age or location.
Digging deeper
Willingness to go beyond a surface-level view of existence and seek God’s truth opens the door to treasures of inspiration and healing.
Everlasting home insurance
After a powerful storm significantly damaged a woman’s home and property, prayer brought the peace and inspiration she needed in navigating the restoration process.
Timeless, tireless being
Getting to know our true nature as God’s immortal children empowers us to overcome problems of all kinds, including age-related discomfort. 
Healed of hopelessness
Feeling insignificant, hopeless, and worried that her future was bleak, a teen contemplated suicide. Then a conversation with a Christian Science practitioner helped her see that as God’s child, she had inherent value and purpose – a realization that brought healing and turned her experience around completely.
After hard times, a new birth
When tragedy – or the memory of past tragedy – strikes, picking up the pieces of hearts, minds, and lives can seem an overwhelming task. But opening our hearts to God’s love is a powerful starting point for a new birth, one that includes lasting healing and peace.
The naturalness of Christian healing
Is healing as Jesus taught miraculous, or inspired by “a divine influence ever present”? We’re all capable of opening our hearts to God’s message of goodness and love for all, which opens the door to healing as Jesus taught and demonstrated.
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Supporting progress and human rights
What can we do to support progress and human rights in Afghanistan and elsewhere? Acknowledging that everyone is capable of feeling God’s healing, guiding, strengthening presence is a powerful place to start.
Conquering hate
Sometimes – especially in the aftermath of violence or other atrocities – the pull of hatred can feel irresistible. But with God’s help we can rid ourselves of hateful thoughts, overcome a tendency to return hate for hate, and witness the healing power of divine Love.
Healing my fear helped my infant
We can count on God to lift fear that would hinder us from caring for loved ones the best we can, as a new mom experienced firsthand one night.
The truth about self-justification
Recognizing our nature as God’s children empowers us to promote loving communication, long-lasting relationships, and healing – as a woman suffering from recurring anxiety and difficult relationships experienced.
Spiritual identity and healing
Chronically ill with ailments a doctor had deemed incurable, a man felt his only solution was to die by suicide. Then he was introduced to a spiritual way of thinking about himself as God’s child – and his health turned around completely.
L'identité spirituelle et la guérison
Atteint de maladies chroniques qu’un docteur avait jugées incurables, un homme estimait que l’unique solution était le suicide. Puis, on lui a présenté une manière spirituelle de penser à lui-même, en tant qu’enfant de Dieu, et sa santé s’est entièrement transformée.
How can I stop feeling like a nobody?
As God’s children, all of us have something unique and special to give, as well as the capacity to feel and know our God-given worth.
What the power of music shows us
As we open our hearts to divine harmony and praise to God, strength and healing replace fear and discord, as a man experienced when faced with chest pain and difficulty breathing. 
Breathe free
Nothing can stop the limitless flow of inspiration and peace from God, the divine Love that forever “encircles you and me,” as this poem conveys.
Refuse to hate
Jesus’ command to love our enemies can seem a tall order. But when we honestly seek God’s help in doing it, anger and frustration give way to solutions and harmony.
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