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Lunar landing quiz
Test your knowledge of lunar landing missions here.
Test your knowledge of the Winter Olympics!
Prepare for the Winter Olympics by testing your knowledge on its history, sports, and important moments.
How well do you know the Republican Party?
Are you a political junkie? Take our quiz and test your knowledge of the GOP!
Children's literature: How well do you know these classics?
Test your knowledge of these classic children's books with our quiz.
How well do you know the First Amendment? Take our quiz!
The First Amendment has been on the forefront of discussions on race and gender issues, censorship, and personal expression. How well do you understand the personal liberties granted by the First Amendment? 
Short stories: How well do you know the genre? Take our quiz
How many classic short stories have you read? How much do you know about their authors? Take our quiz and find out.
Are you a biography buff? Take our quiz!
See how well you know the world of biography.
How much do you know about Native Americans and First Nations?
Recent years have seen a considerable shift in public awareness about issues, both social and political, that affect Native Americans and Canada’s First Nations people. How much do you know about the first people of Canada and the United States?
How much do you know about Islam and violence? Take the quiz
Do you know the difference between jihad and a fatwa? What about attacks carried out by so-called Islamic State militants? Take the quiz to find out how much you know about Islam and violence. 
How well do you know the Great Lakes? Take the quiz.
These five great bodies – containing 6 quadrillion gallons of water – influence everything from weather to livelihoods. 
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