Topic: Egypt
US cites national security in resumed weapons flow to Egypt
The decision means Egypt will remain the second-largest recipient of US foreign military financing worldwide.
Gaza in ruins: why money, cement, and leadership are scarce
More than half a year after a devastating conflict in Gaza, large sections of the Palestinian territory show little sign of a rebuilding effort, leaving tensions to build toward another war.
How big a threat are the world's jihadi groups?
Sophisticated and lethal, growing in number, Islamic State and other extremist groups won't become a global force. Here's why.
Egypt signs Nile dam deal with Ethiopia after years of dispute. What changed?
Despite fears of disruption to the Nile’s flow, Egypt agreed to continue negotiations on Ethiopia’s $4.8 billion Grand Renaissance dam.
The top 6 Hollywood celebs: How do they rank in salary and charity?
The top Hollywood actors and actresses are earning millions of dollars per movie. Do their big paychecks translate into a desire to give back? 
Yemen is in a civil war. But where is it headed?
Many see the violence in Yemen as a proxy war between Sunni Saudi Arabia and Shiite Iran. That's true to an extent, but risks oversimplification. 
Remodeling the Muslim response to terror attacks
As the Islamic State and other groups step up attacks in the Mideast and North Africa, the responses of each country matter even more – and reveal sharp differences. Which response will best lead to peace?
After terror attack, Tunisia's young democracy fumbles for answers
Authorities have arrested nine suspects in connection with Wednesday's terror attack at a museum in the capital. Most of the victims were foreign tourists. 
US Air Force veteran tried to help IS, prosecutors say
Prosecutors allege that Tairod Pugh attempted to join Islamic State in January by traveling from Egypt to Turkey and trying to cross the border into Syria.
Is Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood ready to fight?
The Islamist movement publicly espouses a nonviolent path to power. But amid a withering crackdown by President Sisi, its followers may be turning to armed struggle, cheered on by allied TV stations.
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