Topic: Egypt
Freed journalist in Egypt says Al-Jazeera partially to blame for ordeal
Canadian journalist Mohamed Fahmy said it would be 'naive' and 'misleading' to see the case purely as a crackdown on press freedom, because it was complicated by Al-Jazeera's 'negligence.'
Islamic State and America's new war: Some good and not-so-good reading
The US is at war with the Islamic State. A look at some opinions on how to successfully fight the group, and the risks that come with that.
A beaming White House summit on 'extremism'
This week's gathering of some 60 nations in Washington looks at ways to counter Islamic State's lure of more recruits. The best way is to shine a light on the dark emptiness of such groups.
Why Egypt may be hard-pressed to fight Islamic State on two fronts
President Sisi launched airstrikes against militants in Libya, Egypt was already battling an IS affiliate in the Sinai. The two fronts may overextend Egypt's military.
Battle against Islamic State expands as Egypt bombs Libyan affiliate
Egypt's airstrikes came in response to the mass beheadings of 21 Egyptian Christians by IS militants in Libya. The Libyan government has called for the US-led coalition in Syria and Iraq to turn its attentions to Libya.
Islamic State beheads 21 Christians in Libya on film, signaling major expansion
Masked supporters of the Sunni jihadi group beheaded all 21 men simultaneously, filming the production in much the way the group filmed the torturous death of Jordanian pilot Muath Kassasbeh in January.
Al Jazeera's reporters may go free, but a muzzled press in Egypt is here to stay
Two Al Jazeera English journalists have posted bail, and the government of President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi has hinted at a pardon. But the press environment is largely hostile. 
Fahmy bailed out: What more can Canada do to bring him home?
Mohamed Fahmy, a Canadian journalist imprisoned for more than 400 days on 'terrorism' charges, has posted bail today pending a retrial. His family says that Canada's prime minister should do more to free him.
In Mideast and Europe, a bad year for press freedom, watchdog finds
Citing 'the use of fear and reprisals to silence journalists,' Reporters Without Borders says freedom of information suffered a 'dramatic decline' in 2014.
Egyptian court releases Al Jazeera journalists on bail
The court's decision comes ahead of an investment conference in Sharm al-Sheik scheduled for March, which authorities hope will help improve Egypt's image.
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