Topic: Iraq
Iraqi PM says troops have reached Tikrit's center battling IS
The Islamic State group seized the Sunni city last summer during its lightning advance across northern and western Iraq.
Why White House cannot afford to ignore Yemen civil war
A protracted war that leaves Yemen a failed state would not just pose a threat to the neighbors, including Saudi Arabia, but also to the US.
Shaken by Yemen, Lebanon works to keep its balance
Iran and Saudi Arabia, the regional powers facing off in Yemen, also support the two main political factions in Lebanon. So far, the rival blocs remain committed to dialogue.
Reader recommendation: Duty
Monitor readers share their favorite book picks.
How big a threat are the world's jihadi groups?
Sophisticated and lethal, growing in number, Islamic State and other extremist groups won't become a global force. Here's why.
Can the US figure out which groups to support in Syria? Not easily.
With large influxes of cash and military training, the US military often 'super-empowered' the wrong people in Iraq and Afghanistan. It faces the same tough issues in Syria. 
Ahead of nuclear deadline, Iran and US grope for trust
But trust isn't the only thing lacking as the latest round of Iran nuclear negotiations head into the home stretch.
The top 6 Hollywood celebs: How do they rank in salary and charity?
The top Hollywood actors and actresses are earning millions of dollars per movie. Do their big paychecks translate into a desire to give back? 
Yemen is in a civil war. But where is it headed?
Many see the violence in Yemen as a proxy war between Sunni Saudi Arabia and Shiite Iran. That's true to an extent, but risks oversimplification. 
Briefing: Who is battling Islamic State in Iraq?
CIA Director John Brennan said Sunday that Iran's involvement is complicating the US mission and may stir up sectarianism. Iraqi forces have surrounded Tikrit in preparation for a final push into the city. 
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