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As public cries for vengeance, Jordan talks of wider intervention in Syria
A visit by Jordan's King Abdullah to the mourning tent for Lt. Kassasbeh, the pilot murdered by the Islamic State, turned into a pro-war rally, a dramatic turn in public sentiment toward the US-led coalition.
Jordan mourns murdered fighter pilot, vows revenge on Islamic State
The self-styled Islamic State was trying to send a message by burning Lt. Muath al-Kassasbeh alive. It seems Jordanians are listening.
How hostage pilot drama is feeding an antiwar movement in Jordan
Jordan has refused to pull the trigger on a prisoner swap, saying it lacked proof the pilot held by Islamic State jihadists was still alive. Jordan says its role in the US-led coalition has not diminished.
ISIS releases new message, purportedly extending prisoner exchange deadline
An audio recording in English made by Japanese hostage Kenji Goto, seems to extend the deadline for Jordan's release of an al-Qaida-linked prisoner. Jordan had agreed to the prisoner swap with the Islamic State to free a Jordanian pilot being help by the militant group.
The liberation of Kobane and other signs of trouble for the Islamic State
The self-styled Islamic State is losing key battles on the ground in Iraq and Syria and in the propaganda wars as well. A Kurdish victory in Kobane would be a stinging blow.
How pilot's capture threatens Jordan's position in Islamic State fight
Islamic State reportedly is asking a steep price for the captured pilot. Jordanians, who only narrowly support the bombing campaign, want the government to do 'whatever it takes' to get him back.
My floury legacy in Afghanistan
As NATO combat troops prepare to leave, I ponder my attempt to establish ... scones.
Jordan using new antiterror law to stifle dissent, democracy activists say
Since September, dozens of political activists have been arrested. Jordan said Friday that a Jordanian warplane had crashed in Syria and its pilot had been captured by Islamic State, which claims to have downed the aircraft.  
Sidelined in Jordan, Syrians watch their revolution, dismayed but unbowed
Arrested, injured, impoverished, or exiled, many Syrians are still cheering from the sidelines – and hope the West will change its policies to help the uprising against the Assad regime.
Could Iraq's tribes provide the glue that keeps the country from falling apart?
Saddam Hussein tapped Iraq’s tribes, which cross geographic and ethnic lines, to bolster his regime. Now some tribesmen are offering to help fend off the self-declared Islamic State.
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