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Leading suspect in Tunisia museum attack killed
A suspect in Tunisia's deadly museum attack on foreign tourists was killed in a clash with security forces near the Algerian border. Nine suspected 'terrorists' were killed in the clash.
In Tunisia, a plea to balance security with newfound freedoms
Last week's terrorist attack in the country's capital was the first to kill civilians since 2002. Some analysts say secularist political gains may have fueled fringe Islamist groups.
Trained in Libya, two young men returned to Tunisia for attack
The gunmen responsible for Wednesday's attack on Tunisia's National Bardo Museum radicalized and then slipped across the border with Libya where they sought training in weapons and battle skills.
In museum attack, Tunisia sees Libya's instability cross the border
Islamic State, which has a growing presence in Libya, claimed responsibility for the deadly museum attack. Tunisia said two gunmen received military training in Libya.
ISIS claims responsibility for deadly Tunisian museum attack
Wednesday's attack was the worst at a tourist site in Tunisia in more than a decade and prompted a leading Italian cruise ship line to announce it was canceling all stops in Tunisia indefinitely.
Tunisia's first free presidential vote looks headed for a runoff
Unofficial exit polls suggest a runoff vote next month between the incumbent Moncef Marzouki and Béji Caid Essebsi. The outcome could affect the size of the Islamist participation in the cabinet.
Anti-Islamists take control of Tunisia's parliament
An explicitly anti-Islamist party won 85 seats in Tunisia's parliament, giving it the right to name a prime minister. The moderate Islamist Ennahda Party, which had previously dominated the parliament, won 69 of the 217 seats.
In Tunisia, blood ties no longer a minimum requirement to do business
In pre-revolution Tunisia, there was little room for entrepreneurs like Anis Aouini, who seeks to transform how Tunisians get energy, but lacked connections to the president.
Why does democracy have a shot in Tunisia? Less money.
In Tunisia, international donors like the World Bank aren't competing for influence with wealthy Gulf states, who have undermined democracy building elsewhere.
Political assassination unsettles fragile Tunisian democracy
As political turmoil rises in nearby Egypt, the assassination of a former opposition leader has roiled Tunisians, sending them into the streets to demand the transition stay on track.
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