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Dabanga is an independent, Sudanese news and information broadcaster. Founded in 2008 to report on the Darfur crisis, Dabanga has expanded to provide coverage of all corners of the country. Via shortwave radio, satellite television, and online platforms, Dabanga has gained a widespread and diverse audience, and has a particular strength in serving marginalised and hard-to-reach communities. When the 2019 ‘people’s revolution’ brought about the end of the al-Bashir led regime, Dabanga was at the forefront to broadcast trusted news and information.
Formerly exiled to the Netherlands, Dabanga is now increasing operations within Sudan - growing its team of Sudan-based reporters and stringers to offer grassroots media coverage of social, economic, and political issues.
As Sudan transitions to democracy, Dabanga is committed to serving as a vital information and communication loop between citizens and those in power. Dabanga’s programming is focused on educating and informing people about democracy, providing a space for informed debate, and holding those in power to account. Dabanga specialises in reporting on human rights, health, gender, youth, transitional justice, and civil society.
Dabanga's Vision, Mission & Values
VISIONA democratic Sudan where there is freedom, peace and justice, and where human rights are enshrined; particularly the right to free speech and access to information.
MISSIONTo be a public service media house for all Sudanese that enables people in all states and regions to participate in the exchange of knowledge, news, and information.
VALUES: Dabanga is committed to professional journalistic values. We strive for impartiality through:
Accuracy - in our reporting of facts and opinion
Fairness - representing all angles and views in our reporting, and providing an open platform for all
Independence - in all of our activities, we are not influenced by outside bodies or partisan interests
Reliability - striving to ensure consistent reporting on multiple platforms available at all times
Executive Board: Editorial Director Kamal El Sadig & Managing Director Nigel Ballard
Supervisory Board: Hamid Ali Nur, Abdelbagi Jibril & Joop Daalmeijer
Dabanga's content has been and will always remain free for all its audiences. Dabanga is funded through grants by different international, governmental and non-governmental bodies; and receives donations from private individuals. 
Dabanga's value of independence applies also to its funding, and it will only accept funding that safeguards its (editorial) independence. 
The meaning of Dabanga
The dabanga is one of the most important parts of a family home. Sometimes written “damanga” or “dabunga", it is a large storage vessel used by Sudanese farmers to preserve food, made of a mixture of clay, water and dried grass. Dabangas are used to store crops, such as corn and grain, to keep them from spoiling. These provisions can be lifesaving rations in the event of a famine. Farmers sometimes hide their money or other valuables in the bottom.
"Life is like a dabanga, roll it with care"
Netherlands RSIN number: 862236733 / KVK (Chamber of Commerce) number: 81831285
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“Messages come from many different places in Sudan, both cities and rural areas and also from the diaspora”
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