AU-IGAD-UN trilateral mechanism holds ‘indirect talks’ with Sudan opposition and women’s groups
May 16 - 2022 KHARTOUM
AU-IGAD-UN trilateral mechanism ‘indirect talks’ with Sudanese stakeholders (Photo: UNITAMS)
The United Nations Integrated Transition Assistance Mission in Sudan (UNITAMS), African Union, and Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) trilateral mechanism, has held meetings with several Sudanese stakeholders, including the Women’s Rights Support Group, the Sudanese Revolutionary Front (SRF), the forces of the Declaration of Freedom and Change, and the Resistance Committees in Khartoum state.
An official statement issued by the UNITAMS spokesperson on Sunday evening says that the AU-IGAD-UN trilateral mechanism has held several meetings part of indirect round of Sudanese-Sudanese talks, facilitated by the mechanism, which was launched on Thursday, May 12.
On Saturday 14 May, the mechanism met with the Women’s Rights Support Group. The mechanism also held a positive and fruitful meeting this morning with the movements of the Sudan Revolutionary Front (SRF) and the parties to the Juba Peace Agreement, to explore stakeholders’ views on transitional institutions, the statement says.
On Sunday, the trilateral mechanism met with delegations from independent Resistance Committees and Resistance Coordination Committees in Khartoum state “in recognition of the central role the play in the Sudanese political arena”. The mechanism discussed committee members’ views on the political process in Sudan.
Later on Sunday, the mechanism met the Forces of the Declaration of Freedom and Change.
The statement concludes that “the trilateral mechanism is actively working to consolidate an appropriate framework for the intra-Sudanese dialogue through an integrated and non-exclusive approach that enhances its role in facilitating dialogue between stakeholders and end the current political impasse.”
The AU-IGAD-UNITAMS joint effort has been established to support Sudan through the next phase of the political process, to facilitate a Sudanese-led political process with the aim of restoring a civilian-led transition to democracy.
Some rebel movements and protest groups, including the Forces for Freedom and Chance (FFC) and the Resistance Committees of Khartoum, refuse to participate in the tripartite initiative or take part in any dialogue with the military coup authorities and those who support them as they fear that this will legitimise the coup.
Others, such as the Sudan Revolutionary Front (SRF), have called on the revolutionary parties to make concessions and engage in the dialogue.
Last week, the mechanism issued a caution to only give credence to communications released on the mechanism’s official platforms on the progress of the talks.
A joint AU-IGAD-UN statement on Tuesday said that “given the circumstances, these talks will initially be held in an indirect format. Regular communication will be issued by the mechanism to keep the public informed”. However, the statement cautions: “Any documents purporting to be part of the trilateral mechanism that are not issued by the AU, IGAD, or UNITAMS official platforms are not endorsed or recognised by the mechanism.”
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