Injured protesters detained leaving Sudan hospital
January 16 - 2022 KHARTOUM
17-year-old Mohamed Adam 'Tubak', who was shot in the leg during the January 13 protests, was among those detained at Royal Care Hospital in Burri, eastern Khartoum on Saturday (Social media)
A force wearing civilian clothes and driving unmarked vehicles without plates, detained protesters wounded during the January 13 demonstrations and their companions as they were leaving the Royal Care Hospital in Burri, eastern Khartoum on Saturday.
The East Khartoum Resistance Committees Coordination reported in a press statement yesterday that elements of "the coup forces" stormed the Royal Care Hospital in Burri and “detained a number of injured and their companions in a barbaric manner that does not take into account the health condition of the injured”. The detainees were taken to an unknown location.
The resistance committees active in the neighbourhoods of eastern Khartoum holds “the coup authorities responsible for the safety and lives of these young people”.
The statement affirmed their adherence to peaceful protests and the goals of the revolution. “Whoever is betting that oppression and abuse will terrorise us is delusional, because when we chose the path of struggle, we know that we are between 2,000 detentions and martyrdom, and that the struggle is stripping, self-denial, and individual sacrifice in order to achieve the noble aspirations of the people of Sudan.”
The Central Committee of Sudan Doctors said that "the coup authorities are trying to formulate a discourse around the alleged non-peacefulness of the protests against the military regime. by means of their vast security apparatus.
In a joint statement, the resistance committees of Khartoum said that the security committee detained injured people from the Royal Care Hospital and took them to an unknown destination with the purpose to accuse them of killing a police officer during the demonstrations.
A photo of 17-year-old Mohamed Adam 'Tubak' is circulating on social media, as he in particular has reportedly been accused of killing the police officer. He sustained two bullet wounds in his leg during the January 13 Marches of the Millions. He was treated at the Royal Care hospital and was among the detainees yesterday.
The resistance committees hold the military council fully responsible for the safety and security of the detainees. and demanded that the authorities disclose the whereabouts of the detainees, allow them to receive treatment and health care, and guarantee their legal right to meet with lawyers and reveal the course of the investigation with them. The joint statement called on internal and international public opinion and all human rights organisations to stand firm against the violence being practiced now against 'revolutionaries' and in the entire country.
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