Signatories: ‘Eastern Sudan Track on course’
December 6 - 2021 PORT SUDAN
Eastern Sudan tribal leader Sayed Mohamed Tirik (Social media)
The leaders who signed the Eastern Sudan Track in the Juba Peace Agreement and the High Native Administration Council in in eastern Sudan announced, in two separate statements, confirmed their adherence to the implementation of the Eastern Track, while the High Council of Beja Nazirs and Independent Chieftains announced the suspension of escalation for a period of 15 days in response to the request of the Vice President of the Sovereignty Council, Mohamed ‘Hemeti’ Dagalo.
The leaders of the Eastern Sudan Track, Khaled Shaweesh and Osama Saeed, said that the agreement is not subject to waiver or bargaining, calling on the government to commit to implementing it immediately. They warned against directing the conflict in the East to turn into a struggle over citizenship.
The High Native Administration Council in eastern Sudan said in a press statement that implementing the Eastern Sudan Track is a top priority that does not accept procrastination or bargaining, stressing its categorical refusal to freeze or suspend the process, stressing that equal citizenship is a basis for rights.
The deadline that it gave to the government is the last opportunity for discussion, stressing that it is not a party to any initiative that does not include cancelling the Eastern Sudan Track and allocating a negotiating platform.
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