South Kordofan lawlessness: Two farmers killed in Nuba Mountains
Riding on a motorcycle in Darfur (Social media)
The Sudanese Human Rights and Development Organisation (HUDO) recently reported the killing of two farmers in two separate incidents in Abu Jubeiha in South Kordofan in end December. On January 1, the passengers of two lorries were robbed of their belongings in the area of Abu Kershola. El Sereif village in Dalami reported thefts.
Mohamed Mousa (30) and Idris Ali Mousa (42) were working on their farm seven kilometres east of Abu Jubeiha on December 26,, when five armed men approached them and shot at their heads.
Mousa was killed instantly. Ali Mousa was seriously wounded, and had to be transferred to the hospital of Abu Jubeiha, HUDO said in a statement on January 10.
The family members of the victims filed a complaint at the police of Abu Jubeiha, but no investigations were done.
The police of Abu Jubeiha also did not do anything after the killing of farmer Ahmed Matouk (45) was reported two days later.
Kenana tribesman Matouk was found dead by relatives at his farm near Deleibat village not far from Abu Jubeiha town on December 28. He was shot in the head.
On January 1, nine armed and masked men riding in two motor carts and on a motorcycle obstructed two passenger lorries on the road between El Jebeilat and Abu Kershola, and robbed the passengers of their belongings.
The two robbery cases were reported to the police of Abu Kershola and of El Fayed Um Abdallah, to no avail.
Fuel needed
On Tuesday, a bull was stolen from El Sereif village, south of Kedber in Dalami locality, by masked gunmen riding on motorcycles.
Abdelrahim Kunda told Radio Dabanga that the owner, Haisam Loti, and other villagers tried to track down the thieves, but army forces stationed in Kedber prevented them from doing so.
The soldiers asked the villagers to provide fuel to search for the bull together, but the villagers were unable to provide it.
That evening, a water pump was stolen from the village. Tracks of a motorcycle and a tuktuk showed the thieves came from Um Barambita, which is a few kilometres east of El Sereif.
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