Thousands of Sudanese demonstrate to commemorate slain protesters
Mourning protesters on January 17, when at least 7 unarmed protesters were killed by armed forces (social media)
Thousands of people demonstrated in Khartoum, Atbara, Wad Madani, Kosti, Ed Damazin and other cities and towns yesterday in response to a call by the resistance committees to stage a new March of Millions honouring the 71 protesters who have been killed since the military coup d’état on October 25 last year.
In eastern Khartoum, the demonstrations headed from the assembly points towards Sitteen Street while chanting slogans to call for a civilian government and for retribution concerning the killed protesters. The protesters had barricaded all main roads in the vicinity of the march to protect themselves from the assaults by government forces.
Security forces still fired bullets and tear gas to disperse the demonstrators. Shahinaz Jamal from the Khartoum Resistance Committees reported that Burri in northeast Khartoum and a number of other neighbourhoods were surrounded by government forces and a number of activists were detained.
At least 71 protesters have been killed by armed forces during the anti-coup demonstrations that have taken place since October 25. Hundreds if not thousands of protesters have been injured. Earlier this week 7 protesters were killed in one day as armed forces used heavy violence to crack down on peaceful protests.
As a result of the January 17 Massacre, resistance committees had called for a two-day comprehensive strike. Legal advisors working for the Ministry of Justice suspended all legal services to state agencies until yesterday. They demand the immediate lifting of the State of Emergency declared in the country and the nullification of all measures taken after the military coup d’état of October 25 last year.
Message on the Barricades: Angry, With No Limits (social media)
Northern state protests
In Sudan’s Northern State, members of resistance committees continued to close the Sheryan El Shimal highway, in both eastern and western directions, to demand a fully civilian government.
During the Marches of the Millions on Monday, January 17, they blocked the north-eastern highway linking Halfa, Dongola, and Khartoum and the north-western highway that connects Argeen, Halfa, and Dongola.
The resistance committees demand a civilian government but also have other local demands. They want part of the revenues of gold mining and other resources in Northern State to be used for the benefit and development of the people in the state. At the moment, most profits made from the state’s resources flow to Khartoum.
Protesters block the highways in Northern State to protest the military coup
and to defend the state's needs (social media)
Protesters have been blocking roads in the Northern State for weeks after electricity prices were set to rise.
The protesters’ demands include the cancellation of the entire decision to increase electricity prices, the implementation of the Northern Sudan Track protocol of the Juba Peace Agreement, granting the northern region two per cent of the electricity of the Merowe Dam, and other forms of development support.
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