Two killed during attacks on villages in North Darfur’s Kutum
August 27 - 2021 KUTUM
Militant Darfuri (File photo)
Two people were killed by armed men in Kutum locality, North Darfur, on Wednesday. The next day, the gunmen attacked villages in the area, which led to the displacement of hundreds of people to Korma.
Speaking to Radio Dabanga, activist Yahya El Khumus reported that gunmen riding on camels and one motorcycle attempted to steal the cattle of a group of herdsmen near Jabir village on Wednesday evening.
In the following firefight, herder Adam Gaddafi and one of the attackers were killed. Herder Adam Suleiman was wounded. The gunmen then fled, leaving their dead man behind.
El Khumus said that the two bodies were transferred to Kutum for an autopsy.
The following morning, the gunmen returned and robbed the people in Jabir and neighbouring villages of their property, including their livestock. Hundreds of villagers fled to Korma.
According to the source, the gunmen are wreaking havoc in the area of Jabir, Elong, and Katoul, where displaced people are tending their farms during the current agricultural season.
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