929 - Making the bible much more accessible
The 929 Project is an important initiative designed to encourage people to read one bible verse per day, five days a week, for a total of 929 days. The entrepreneurs behind it received financing from the Ministry of Education, the Center for Educational Technology, and other capital funds and investors from around the world.
By working with this group to understand their vision and desired audiences, we came to see that the goal of 929’s online presence is to provide a connection between this initiative and anyone who wants to take part, whether their reasons are religious or secular, and regardless of what device they use. To do this, we’ve created an elaborate yet easy to use content website as well as a complex user interface, and created an artwork made up 3 different fonts on one screen in a natural and harmonious way to keep users engaged and inspired. We continue to accompany this project to further develop their online presence.

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