This statement on accessibility applies to the website
Accessibility on this website
The German National Library attaches great importance to making its website barrier-free. The regulations governing barrier-free access are set out in the currently valid versions of the Act on Equal Opportunities for People with Disabilities (​Behindertengleichstellungsgesetz​, BGG) and the Barrier-Free Information Technology Ordinance (Barrierefreie Informationstechnik-Verordnung​, BITV 2.0).
The German National Library pays particular attention to the following accessibility functions on its bilingual website:
In general, all the pages that make up the website can be accessed in several ways (navigation, sitemap, links in text). Document titles, link descriptions and other designations are assigned systematically.
Content is structured accessibly. Headings and lists are posted using structural elements of
. Page content is arranged in a meaningful order, regardless of how it is presented. Layout tables are not used, and data tables comply with accessibility standards. Barrier-free input is enabled for forms and other input fields.
Images, graphic elements and other non-text content are all provided with alternative texts. In general, we dispense with the use of CAPTCHAs. Alternative forms of access are offered for audio and video files.
The screen reader reads out the full meaning of abbreviations. Meanings can also be viewed by mouseover. By enabling speech recognition down to the level of single words, we guarantee that the available reading programmes will pronounce each word correctly.
The website complies with the requirement that pages must be enlargeable by to 200 %; it is also fully keyboard-accessible. The deactivation of style sheets does not change the order of the content displayed. Colours are not used as the sole informative element for understanding the individual web page. All contrast specifications are adhered to. The website can be used in full even if the sound is disabled. The website also dispenses with time-based requirements and moving content.
Our simple language and sign language services make our website more accessible.
The content management system used by the German National Library, the Government Site Builder, provides significant support with regard to accessibility.
The German National Library’s catalogue is currently being redesigned in a way that gives high priority to accessibility. Unfortunately, accessibility deficits in the current portal can no longer be corrected.
We are constantly at pains to optimise the accessibility of our website and to adjust it to new framework requirements. Should you notice any barriers in this respect, we would be grateful if you would notify us of this by sending a message to
This statement was issued on 15 September 2020.
Feedback and contact
Have you noticed problems with barrier-free access to content on Or do you have questions about accessibility? If so, you are welcome to contact us at:
Deutsche Nationalbibliothek
Digitale Dienste/Barrierefreiheit
Adickesallee 1
60322 Frankfurt am Main
Phone +49 69 1525-1650
Arbitration proceedings
The Federal Government Commissioner for Matters relating to Persons with Disabilities operates an Arbitration Service as described in section 16 BGG. The task of the Arbitration Service is to settle disputes between persons with disabilities and public authorities. You can turn to the Arbitration Service if you are not satisfied with the answers given by the contact provided above. Arbitration is not about finding winners or losers. Instead, the aim is to find a mutually acceptable solution out of court with the help of the Arbitration Service. Arbitration procedures are free of charge. Neither do you require legal counsel.
The Arbitration Service website contains everything you need to know about arbitration procedures. Here you can find out what happens during an arbitration procedure and how you can apply for arbitration. You can also submit an application in simple language or German sign language. You can reach the Arbitration Service at the following address:
Schlichtungsstelle nach dem Behindertengleichstellungsgesetz
bei dem Beauftragten der Bundesregierung für die Belange von Menschen mit Behinderungen
Mauerstraße 53
10117 Berlin
Phone +49 30 18 527-2805
Fax +49 30 18 527-2901

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