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Joe Biden wants to Europeanise the American welfare state
His plans are ambitious, thoughtful and risky
How to make a social safety-net for the post-covid world
Green assets are on a wild ride
Investors of all stripes are getting on board
Somaliland, an unrecognised state, is winning friends abroad
But storing up problems at home
What to do about Skid Row
LA’s homeless encampment has been decades in the making. A judge wants it closed in months
America’s CDC abruptly changes its guidance on face-masks
Masks have become a political statement as much as an epidemiological necessity
As a second wave devastates India, Narendra Modi vanishes
The prime minister loves the limelight, but only when things are going well
How to get all the toothpaste out of the tube
With a super-slippery surface

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Covid and the world
Ten million reasons to vaccinate the world
Our model reveals the true course of the pandemic. Here is what to do next
A worrying new wave of covid-19 is hitting South-East Asia
Cases are rising across a region that had been relatively unscathed
There have been 7m-13m excess deaths worldwide during the pandemic
The rich world suffered relatively badly, but most of the dying has been elsewhere
How can more covid-19 vaccines be made available?
The nuts and bolts of scaling up production matter more than intellectual property
Readers’ favourites
The digital currencies that matter
Get ready for Fedcoin and the e-euro
China’s football troubles reflect broader issues within the economy
Slow growth and politics take their toll
The coming global economic boom could have a sting in the tail
Supply shortages are acute in America
Graphic detail
Park visits predict changes in birth rates during the pandemic
The number of births prevented by the pandemic may exceed the death toll from covid-19

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Israel and Palestine
Israel’s missile defences blunt Palestinian attacks from Gaza
But they may not do enough to prevent a full-scale war
America’s Democrats are increasingly divided over Israel
As the fighting in Gaza worsens, so does the split between President Joe Biden and the left of his party
Israel bombards Gaza as it confronts mob violence at home
Things continue to escalate in the Holy Land
Israel and Hamas move closer to war
Where does this cycle of violence end?
Weekly edition
Ten million reasons to vaccinate the world
MAY 14TH 2021
Israel and Palestine: another lethal spiral
The bottleneck economy
Defining Johnsonism
Pay and the pandemic
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Special report: Race in America
What it means to be an American
America is becoming less racist and yet more divided by racism
The evidence of things not seen
More than half a century after the Civil Rights Act, millions of African-Americans remain stuck
The souls of white folk
White Americans are realising that they belong to a race too
Black power’s not gonna get your mama
How to design anti-discrimination policies that actually work
The all-American skin game
Anti-racists disagree about whether the goal is for race as a category to be preserved or to disappear
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The Economist explains
Why is FLoC, Google’s new ad technology, taking flak?
How much should you worry about the “Indian variant”?
Why do “Brood X” cicadas have such a strange life cycle?
How many have really died in the pandemic?
“All the vaccine we hope to produce towards the end of this year might not happen”—vaccine supply
The true course of covid-19, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict spirals and musical plagiarism
1843 magazine
My Nextdoor neighbours from hell
My covid epiphany: a year of doing nothing changed everything
The great Hawaiian pizza culture war
By Invitation
Peter Emerson on how to improve voting and referendums
Should patents on covid-19 vaccines be suspended?
Clare Wenham on why vaccine certificates harm society
Ten million reasons to vaccinate the world
How can more covid-19 vaccines be made available?
Private firms in Indonesia are starting their own vaccination effort
The Biden presidency
Liz Cheney’s demotion is a death rattle for principled conservatism
Republican voters approve of their party’s sacking of Liz Cheney
Joe Biden’s government has not yet committed to a path on trade in technology with China
Climate change
The use of renewable energy is accelerating
How to make long-term climate pledges add up
A court ruling triggers a big change in Germany’s climate policy
Books & arts
Thinkers in America are debating Islam’s past and future
Patrick Radden Keefe traces the roots of America’s opioid epidemic
When Napoleon stole a Venetian masterpiece
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