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A Conservative win in Hartlepool is a bleak day for Labour
Sir Keir Starmer’s party may still have further to fall
Why Boris Johnson wants to clip London’s wings
Why copper prices have just hit a record high
Our Buttonwood columnist says they offer a paradigm for the post-virus economy
India’s national government looks increasingly hapless
Confronted with catastrophe, the state has melted away
France worries about how to handle released terrorists
Many more are due to leave prison soon
American economic confidence has returned to pre-pandemic levels
Optimists have pulled even with pessimists
Warren Buffett should step aside for his chosen successor
Berkshire Hathaway needs a leader who will take a fresh look at performance and governance
Michael Collins, the third man on the Apollo 11 mission, has died
The pilot of the command module for the Moon landing was 90

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Govcoins: The digital currencies that will transform finance
MAY 7TH 2021
Rise of the creator economy
Spam, scam: organised crime online
Why Warren Buffett should let go
Time to recognise Somaliland
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Covid-19 in India
India’s second wave of covid-19 feels nothing like its first
Holed up in Delhi, where friends are falling ill too fast to count
Battered by covid-19, Narendra Modi is humiliated by Indian voters
By prioritising electoral success over curbing the pandemic, he has damaged his reputation
Volunteers are filling the gaps in India’s fight against covid-19
The government may have fallen short, but civil society has stepped up
Out of oxygen, out of time: covid-19 suffocates Kolkata
As the second wave sweeps across India, life and death can be a matter of guessing the right number to call
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Battered by covid-19, Narendra Modi is humiliated by Indian voters
By prioritising electoral success over curbing the pandemic, he has damaged his reputation
Berkshire Hathaway’s questionable performance and governance
The world’s most famous conglomerate will struggle to outlast its feted founder in its current form
What history tells you about post-pandemic booms
People spend more, take more risks—and demand more of politicians
Graphic detail
The legacy of Victorian-era pollution still shapes English cities
A new study uses 21st-century wizardry to solve a 19th-century mystery

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Tension over Taiwan
The most dangerous place on Earth
America and China must work harder to avoid war over the future of Taiwan
China’s growing military confidence puts Taiwan at risk
All-out conflict may not feel imminent, but America is deeply concerned
China faces fateful choices, especially involving Taiwan
To many Chinese, the island’s conquest is a sacred national mission
Is Taiwan part of China?
Though the island sees itself as independent, China insists it is part of the People’s Republic and has not ruled out taking Taiwan by force
How TSMC has mastered the geopolitics of chipmaking
Make yourself indispensable to both America and China
Special report: The future of banking
A future with fewer banks
Imagining a world without banks
How fintech will eat into banks’ business
Bankers, once kings of capital, may be dethroned by payment platforms
A bigger role for venture capital
Why bankers are scarce in Silicon Valley
When interest rates turn negative
Banks do less banking with interest rates at zero
When central banks issue digital money
Will banks survive the transition to a new monetary system?
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The Economist explains
What is an inspector-general?
Can employers require their staff to be vaccinated?
Why is it so difficult to create covid-19 travel bubbles?
“It looks very unlikely that the protesters will leave the streets any time soon”—Colombia boils over
Should America’s mega-companies be broken up?
“If this is the way we’re going to rule online speech, it's going to be very weird”—Trump and Facebook
1843 magazine
How the pandemic made fonts friendlier
I can’t wait to get back to normal. How long before I’m bored?
“I've mortally offended Putin by surviving”: why Alexei Navalny keeps fighting
By Invitation
Peter Emerson on how to improve voting and referendums
Should patents on covid-19 vaccines be suspended?
Clare Wenham on why vaccine certificates harm society
America wants to waive patent protection for vaccines
Covid-19 has exposed Africa’s dependence on vaccines from abroad
India’s covid-19 crisis has spiralled out of control
The Biden presidency
Joe Biden’s government has not yet committed to a path on trade in technology with China
Joe Biden was a boring candidate. He now draws comparisons to FDR
How to tax capital without hurting investment
Climate change
How to make long-term climate pledges add up
A court ruling triggers a big change in Germany’s climate policy
There is hope for South-East Asia’s beleaguered tropical forests
Books & arts
Albrecht Dürer lived in a world of wonders
A masterful director brings Dostoyevsky’s characters to life
Blame politics for disasters, says Niall Ferguson in “Doom”
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