The Biden presidency
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Welcome to The Economist’s coverage of Joe Biden’s presidency. On this page you can find our reporting on his domestic and foreign policies, as well as other stories on American politics. You can also find our statistical analyses, data journalism and explanatory articles. To keep up to date, bookmark this page, follow along as we track shifts in American public opinion, listen to our weekly American-politics podcast, and sign up for our newsletter. If you are not already a subscriber you can unlock some of our content by registering here.
Latest stories
Liz Cheney’s demotion is a death rattle for principled conservatism
Republicans have become hooked on Donald Trump’s method
Daily chart
Republican voters approve of their party’s sacking of Liz Cheney
Despite her right-leaning record, it is the party’s liberal and moderate wing that supports her
Assuming the position
Joe Biden’s government has not yet committed to a path on trade in technology with China
To understand which way it will jump, watch the hitherto obscure Bureau of Industry and Security
100 days of aptitude
Joe Biden was a boring candidate. He now draws comparisons to FDR
Are they justified?
Biden’s taxing problem
How to tax capital without hurting investment
President Joe Biden should improve the design of his taxes on Wall Street
Crisis and opportunity
Joe Biden’s first address to Congress, like his presidency, was sedate yet ambitious
It laid out his plans to reinvent America’s social-safety net
America’s reset
How Joe Biden is reshaping America’s global role
His foreign policy isn’t Donald Trump’s. Nor is it Barack Obama’s
Domestic politics
Joe Biden’s strong start
The administration unveils a plan to rebuild America
America’s new religious war
Religious fervour is migrating into politics
The evangelical culture warriors of the right take on the Democrats’ new Puritans
Jobless data
Why jobless-claims data give little insight into America’s economy
The covid-19 crisis is highlighting the limits of unemployment-insurance figures
Patronage games
Why is it so hard for Joe Biden to hire people?
Nobody seems ready to reform Washington’s agonisingly slow appointments process
Motion to dismiss
The filibuster is an oddity that harms American democracy
And it does not even stem from the constitution
Battle of the Joes
How Joe Biden got his sizeable stimulus bill through the Senate
And what that says about coming political combat in Washington
Domestic policy
Emissions impossible
Joe Biden asserts America’s role in the fight against climate change
His virtual summit went smoothly, but the real work is still ahead
Trans medicine gets entangled in America’s culture wars
This is unlikely to help children diagnosed with gender dysphoria
Vaccine selfishness
America has locked up supplies of covid vaccines that it does not need
Confronted by a global problem, Joe Biden’s administration is being surprisingly isolationist
Climate policy
The bumps ahead for Joe Biden’s plan to decarbonise America
The green and the blue
Fiscal Wrecktitude
Why Joe Biden isn’t afraid of debt any more
Donald Trump and the covid pandemic have changed the politics of spending big
Minority priority
Vermont’s race-based vaccine policy raises legal questions
The move to give priority to vulnerable non-white groups aims to address persistent inequities, but is risky
Foreign policy
Daily chart
Americans support ending the war in Afghanistan
More than a third of adults believe the war cannot be won
Ending the forever war
Joe Biden calls time on America’s longest-ever war
America leaves behind a weak state and struggling army
A vaxxing problem
American export controls threaten to hinder global vaccine production
The world’s biggest vaccine-maker says it will feel the pinch in a month
At loggerheads
Joe Biden and Jair Bolsonaro square off over the Amazon
For the first time, relations between Brazil and the US depend on the rainforest
Acrimony across the Pacific
A hostile meeting sets the tone for US-China relations
Joe Biden shows no sign of changing Donald Trump’s confrontational policy
Why the EU is still wary of America
The transatlantic duo are an odd couple
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