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The Economist explains
Why is FLoC, Google’s new ad technology, taking flak?
A proposal for targeting advertisements promises more privacy, but critics are unsure
The Economist explains
How much should you worry about the “Indian variant”?
B.1.617 has spread rapidly in India. Now infections are rising in Britain
The Economist explains
Why do “Brood X” cicadas have such a strange life cycle?
The critters, which emerge every 17 years, are swarming eastern America
The Economist explains
What is the metaverse?
The limitless successor to the internet, first imagined by Neal Stephenson 30 years ago
The Economist explains
How to make synthetic diamonds
Both makers and buyers of jewellery are embracing man-made gems
The Economist explains
Why did Berkshire Hathaway’s share price threaten Nasdaq?
The stock exchange is not the first system to struggle with big numbers
The Economist explains
What is an inspector-general?
They ferret out fraud and keep the machinery of America’s government running smoothly
The Economist explains
Can employers require their staff to be vaccinated?
Many are tempted to do so. But it could get them into legal hot water in some places
The Economist explains
Why is it so difficult to create covid-19 travel bubbles?
They may prove a boon for sagging economies, but they are not for the faint-hearted
The Economist explains
Why are Epic Games and Apple going to court?
The Fortnite developer claims Apple’s App Store stifles competition
The Economist explains
What is qualified immunity?
Depending on whom you ask, a licence to misbehave or a shield against crippling lawsuits
The Economist explains
How can countries such as America and China raise birth rates?
Governments with ageing populations struggle to encourage people to have babies

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