IC: Jobs, climate, migration and the rule of law
Fighting climate change is one of the priorities of international cooperation for the 2021–24 period. © A. Ishokon
The international cooperation strategy is a foreign policy framework for Switzerland, based on the Federal Constitution, to alleviate need and poverty worldwide, improve respect for human rights, promote democracy and protect the environment. The Federal Council defined the thematic and geographical priorities for the next four years in February. In the 2020 summer session, the National Council is to discuss the subject.
Four thematic priorities
Based on the Federal Constitution and legislation, every four years the Federal Council and Parliament define the strategic approach of Switzerland's international cooperation. Alleviating need and poverty in the world and sustainable development are at the heart of the international cooperation mandate. The following thematic priorities have been set for 2021–24:  
The Federal Council seeks to increase the impact of international cooperation through these four priorities, a focus on specific regions, innovation, and the use of digital technologies. This new approach will also give Switzerland greater flexibility in responding to crises and opportunities. 
Focus on four priority regions
Clearer criteria
Key figures
Under the current financial plan, a total of CHF 11.25 billion has been earmarked for the 2021–24 period (compared to CHF 11.11 billion for 2017–20). As a consequence of a correction to inflation, this amount is less than the CHF 11.37 billion that were expected at the time of the public consultation. Switzerland can undertake commitments up to this amount during the relevant period. The relevant funding will be determined by Parliament during the annual budget debates. Based on the latest projections, with the proposed payments, Switzerland's official development assistance (ODA) would amount to 0.46% of gross national income. As a consequence of the latest GDP prognosis, the expected rate of ODA is slightly above the rate expected at the time of the public consultation (0.45%). This is below the 0.5% target which was approved by Parliament in 2011 and has since been reaffirmed on several occasions. 
What does 'international cooperation' mean?
What are the main changes to Swiss international cooperation compared to the prior dispatch period?
How much does Switzerland intend to invest in international cooperation for the 2021–24 period?
Which countries or regions is Switzerland prioritising for international cooperation in the 2021–24 period?
What is Swiss international cooperation aiming to achieve in the 2021–24 period?
How will IC take Switzerland's migration policy interests into account in the future?
What has international cooperation achieved to date?
Why is Swiss involvement still needed?
How does international cooperation benefit people in Switzerland?
What was the outcome of the consultation on international cooperation for the 2021–24 period?
Jobs, climate, migration and the rule of law
Federal Council adopts the International Cooperation Strategy 2021–24, Press release, 19.02.2020
Switzerland's international cooperation for 2021–24 to focus on jobs, climate, migration and the rule of law
Ongoing consultations (de)
Mid-term report on the implementation of the dispatch on international cooperation 2017-20 (de/fr/it)
Final report on the implementation of the dispatch on international cooperation 2017-20
Press release «The Federal Council outlines the strategic markers for the upcoming dispatch on international cooperation (2021–2024)»
Swiss official development assistance
Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation SDC
SECO's strategic orientation 2021–2024
Peace and human rights
Brochure “Switzerland’s International Cooperation Strategy 2021-24” (PDF, 52 Pages, 1.3 MB)
Other languages
Dispatch on Switzerland’s strategy on international cooperation 2021–24 (PDF, 80 Pages, 2.2 MB, French)
Other languages
Flyer: Switzerland’s International Cooperation Strategy 2021-24 (PDF, 8 Pages, 3.5 MB, English)
Other languages
Report on the results of the consultation on Switzerland's international cooperation 2021-24 (PDF, 24 Pages, 1.0 MB, French)
Other languages
Switzerland’s international cooperation is working. Final report on the implementation of the Dispatch 2017–20
Explanatory Report on International Cooperation 2021–2024 (PDF, 51 Pages, 2.4 MB, German)
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