Federal Department of Foreign Affairs FDFA
Foreign policy
European politics
Switzerland’s policy on the European Union
European Union
Switzerland's contribution to the enlarged EU
Relations with European countries
Principality of Liechtenstein
Strategies and key aspects
International organizations
Organizations where Switzerland is a member, where it has a mission or which are based in Switzerland
International law
Governs relations between states and serves as the basis for ensuring peace, stability and the protection of people.
Security Policy
Switzerland is involved in international organisations and security policy partnerships that contribute to world stability; commitment to a low level of armament, non-proliferation and arms control
The financial centre and the economy
The financial sector and exports as pillars of the Swiss economy; Swiss laws prohibit the investment of illicitly acquired assets in the Swiss financial centre
International cooperation
International cooperation is driven by the vision of a world without poverty and in peace, for sustainable development. Through four equally-important objectives, Switzerland is making a global contribution.
Sustainability, environment, energy, health, education, science, transports and space
Ensuring coherence in specific policy areas, particularly education, science, space, health, the environment, sustainable development, energy and transport; coordination with specialised departments and safeguarding of foreign policy interests
Peace and Human Rights
Human Rights Diplomacy
Humanitarian Diplomacy
Forced Displacement and Migration
Expert Pool for Civilian Peacebuilding
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Switzerland's contribution to the enlarged EU
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