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Travelling abroad
During stays abroad, information, advice and consular assistance are provided by the department and its representations. © CCO
The FDFA can assist you with your travel preparations by offering a wide range of aids and information material.
Travel advice, tips and Travel Admin
The FDFA travel advice service provides information about the security situation in every country.
Travel advice (de, fr, it)
The following publications summarise important points to consider before and during your travels:
Guide: “Travelling Abroad"
Brochure “If you’re planning a trip”
Travel checklist (, German)
Other languages
Travel Admin is an online tool you can use for entering the dates of your journey. This enables the FDFA to locate you and contact you by SMS in the event of an emergency.
Consular protection
Swiss nationals who find themselves in difficulty in a foreign country can ask the Swiss embassy or consulate-general for advice and assistance.
Emergencies abroad
Travel advice via Twitter
Travel Admin
Tips before your journey
Tips during your journey
Travel checklist (, German)
Other languages
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