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Health Ministry investigates death of Marina Sarkis
Al-Masry Al-YoumMay 11, 2022
Official sources at the Egyptian Health and Population Ministry said that a committee in the ministry checked on Tuesday’s morning on a private eye clinic, to investigate the incident that witnessed the death of Marina Salah Sarkis who was at  the clinic undergoing fluorescein angiography procedure.
One source indicats that the committee consists of ophthalmology, quality and hospital management experts, with the aim of investigating  the incident.
This incident went viral on the social media and the committee will do inventory on the clinics technical examination, and of its safety in providing public health services.
The source said that the ministry committee will submit a comprehensive report on the incident and present it to the Acting Minister of Health and Populaltion Khaled Abdel-Ghaffar.
The e ministry is expected to announce within a few hours the results of the investigation, the measures that will be taken, and the penalties that will be imposed on the clinic if a medical error is proven.
The source, who spoke on condition of anonymity, noted that the clinic is currently facing some accusations, including negligence in treating the deceased, in addition to relying on nursing to perform medical services that are required to be provided by doctors themselves.
The source has indicated that the committee was still present in the clinic until Tuesday afternoon, and all of the investigations are being conducted with the medical team that was treating Marina Sarkis.
The Ministry of Health and Population indicated that the committees charged with examining the safety and security of the clinic to provide treatment to citizens are working and will prepare their report within hours.
The sources indicated that Abdel-Ghaffar requested a detailed report on the situation and the circumstances of Sarkis death, in addition to a report on the clinic’s situation.
The minister also directed the launch of groups of inspectors in 27 governorates to conduct a random examination of private hospitals and clinics to indicate their mechanisms of work and activity in serving the patient.
In the same context, MP Ahmed Khalil Khairallah, Head of the Parliamentary Committee of al-Nour Party, submitted an urgent statement to the Speaker of the House of Representatives directed to the Acting Minister of Health and Population, in order to clarify the causes of the death of Marina Sarkis.
Khairallah said – in his statement – that this incident points to medical negligence on the part of the clinic, although the criminal part will be  informed by the Attorney General, but according to the provisions of the constitution and the internal regulations of the House of Representatives, one of the oversight tasks of the House is to direct an urgent statement for the government to quickly present the circumstances of the accident.
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