Police arrest Hossam Habib for reportedly threatening ex-wife Sherine Abdel-Wahab
Egypt IndependentMay 23, 2022
Egyptian security services arrested composer Hossam Habib on Sunday after his ex-wife Sherine Abdel-Wahab filed a report with the police, after Habib reportedly threatened her with assault.
Abdel-Wahab demanded police to take a written pledge on Habib not to harm her and her two daughters. The competent authorities began investigations with Hossam Habib in the accusations leveled against him.
Police arrived at the scene and found Habib at the residence of Abdel-Wahab in Sheikh Zayed. After they took him into the police custody they notified the Public Prosecution to conduct investigations.
According to official sources, Habib said during the preliminary investigations that he was at his ex-wife’s villa after agreements between them to finish an art project.
Habib told investigation authorities on Monday that he did not threaten Abdel-Wahab with the firearm seized in his possession, stressing that the weapon is licensed and that he carries it legally.
He explained that he went to Sherine’s villa in the Sheikh Zayed area to discuss an agreement, until an argument broke out between them and she called the police.
Egypt hossam habib policeSherine Abdel Wahab
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