November 23, 2021
Egyptian exports to COMESA countries rise by 32.4% from January to September
Middle East
November 22, 2021
Libyan interim PM aims for presidency, despite rules
November 20, 2021
Egypt participates in meeting in Athens to discuss the situation in Libya
Middle East
November 17, 2021
Divisive Libyan commander announces candidacy for president
November 16, 2021
Egypt renews commitment to support Libya and mercenaries must exit
Middle East
November 14, 2021
Son of former Libyan ruler Gaddafi runs for president
November 13, 2021
Egypt’s Sisi calls for withdraw of foreign fighters from Libya without procrastination
Middle East
November 12, 2021
World leaders bolster troubled Libya ahead of key election
Middle East
November 7, 2021
Libya govt rejects suspension of FM weeks before election
October 31, 2021
Egypt reaffirms that mercenaries must exit Libya
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COVID: How dangerous is the omicron variant?
December 2, 2021
Saudi Arabia issues new decisions regarding visas and residence for 17 countries including Egypt
December 1, 2021
Egypt refutes rumors on halting schools over new COVID-19 variant
December 1, 2021
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