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Predictive Retrosynthesis
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A chemical database that improves R&D productivity
Chemists in every field search for chemistry literature and bioactivity data with Reaxys. Query and filter for chemical substances and reactions with an intuitive interface. And discover more property types than with any other chemistry database.
Start with quick search and customize with query builder — the most powerful query engine in a chemistry database. Reaxys has the largest number of customization options and a transparent query process. You can easily follow your chosen path through to results.
Designed by chemists, Reaxys is more than a fast and flexible chemistry database. It’s a cheminformatics solution that delivers chemistry facts the way chemists need them.
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Register for upcoming webinars and view recordings with eminent chemistry researchers. Learn about their work in algorithm development, predictive analytics and data visualization to accelerate synthesis workflows.
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Combine structure and text (property, reaction, target, etc.) search to find the information you need faster.
Why choose Reaxys for your chemistry research?
Reaxys is built on expert-curated chemistry information and enriched with cutting-edge technology. It is also the leading database for bioactivity data. Scientists in corporate R&D and academia gain actionable insights that lead to innovation, while saving time and money. Reaxys also supports teaching excellence in chemistry education.
Reaxys excerpts and quickly retrieves the most relevant chemical information, so you can:
Decide how and which compounds to make with confidence
Find state-of-the-art routes to synthesize molecules with superior properties
Discover novel molecules with improved activities against specified targets
Stay current with updates on new chemistry publications and patents
Find the most reliable vendors of starting materials and intermediates
Search integrated in-house and external data
By integrating in-house and external data, Reaxys creates a streamlined research workflow. Critical in-house knowledge becomes searchable and actionable. This seamless integration sets Reaxys apart from other chemistry research solutions.
What chemistry content is in Reaxys?
Reaxys contains comprehensive chemistry, medicinal chemistry and pharmacology data. And it indexes chemical information with six taxonomies for an interdisciplinary view. Reaxys offers a broad range of data types from patents, journals and books:

organic, inorganic and organometallic substances, including data on natural products with their species derivation
chemical reactions
published experimental facts, including substance property, spectral and reaction data
documents from a collection of over 16,000 chemistry-related periodicals from multiple publishers
patents from 105 patent offices. Titles, abstracts and claims are translated to English
indexing sources for a cross-disciplinary view of chemistry
Reaxys also surfaces patents with biological target information and has options to purchase various datasets for applied analytics.
Find out more about Reaxys content and indexing
How is searching in Reaxys different than searching in other chemistry databases?
Find accurate answers to chemistry questions faster than with any other database. Better chemistry searches in Reaxys are the result of:
Options for searching structures, reactions, keywords and property values
Unique ability to combine structure and text searches
Best-in-class predictive retrosynthesis planner
Normalized and linked biological information from patents and journals
Heatmaps showing the relationships between substances and their targets
Structure-activity-relationships (SAR) analysis
More types of property and spectral data than any other chemistry database
Monthly updates of commercial supplier information
After searching, you can export bioactivity data to visualize and analyze it in your preferred application.
What chemistry questions are chemists answering with Reaxys?
When developing chemical compounds, chemists use Reaxys to answer questions about:
Synthesis planning
Predictive retrosynthesis
Commercial suppliers for starting materials
Analysis of physico-chemical properties
Compound-target affinity information
Toxicology data from in-vitro and in-vivo models
Competitive landscape
Novelty search
What our customers say
The significance of Reaxys is that it provides a variety of possible solutions in a comprehensive way.
- Dr. Wenzhong Gao,
Director of Chemistry at WuXi AppTec
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To the best of my knowledge, Reaxys is the only chemistry-centric database that enables users to access reactions, informational substances, and documents covering the in vitro and in vivo spaces.
- Dr. Ludovic Tranholm Otterbein,
Director of Research Informatics & Operations at Lundbeck
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We always prefer research methods that get us to the answers faster: specific reaction and property searches such as can be done in Reaxys are very useful to us.
- Professor Hironao Sajiki, PhD,
Gifu Pharmaceutical University
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Reaxys subscription pricing
Reaxys is available to academic and corporate organizations via enterprise annual subscriptions with multi-user access. Pricing is based on company size and usage.
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