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Built on the widest range of trusted, high-quality, interdisciplinary research and scholarly literature, ScienceDirect helps uncover answers to the world’s most pressing questions. Whether you’re a teacher, student, librarian or researcher, ScienceDirect will help you build a solid knowledge foundation, stay on top of your field and gain in-depth insights into trending topics as you take your next steps in discovery.
Learn more about this year's Nobel Prize winners, including free access to their most cited research published by Elsevier.
Physical Sciences & Engineering publications cover a range of disciplines, from the theoretical to the applied.
Life Sciences journal articles and book chapters feature original research, insightful analysis, current theory and more.
Health Sciences collections — covering education, reference information and decision support — keep you up-to-date on medical developments to stimulate research and improve patient care.
Social Sciences & Humanities journals and books highlight historical context, current developments, theories, applications, trends and more.

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Serving academic institutions, government organizations and R&D units across a variety of industries, ScienceDirect tracks the historical foundations of science, helps shed light on new research and insights, and inspires innovative thinking — with intelligent features that support smarter teaching, learning and research.
Academic institutions

Online access to Elsevier’s high-quality, authoritative journals and books enables those at any level of academia to gain new knowledge and develop critical insights into a wide variety of disciplines, from foundational science to novel research in emerging fields.
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Government agencies, ministries & departments

Support education initiatives or increase government-led research activities by going beyond search to quickly uncover the depth and breadth of high-quality published literature in science, technology and medicine.
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Research & development for industry
Drive innovation and improve R&D productivity with the peer-reviewed literature on ScienceDirect. Researchers and scientists in a variety of industries gain a competitive edge with access to both historical knowledge and the latest breakthroughs.
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Journals & books on ScienceDirect
Explore the depth and breadth of more than 24 major subject areas from thousands of Elsevier journals and books.
ScienceDirect provides me [with] detailed information about my topic in a very short span of time. All the content is authentic, so I need not waste time looking for the verification of it, increasing yield tremendously.
— Neurosurgeon, from a hospital in India
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See how ScienceDirect supports the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals by freely accessing SDG-related journal articles and book chapters on the RELX SDG Resource Centre
There’s a growing need for interdisciplinary research
Books and journals are used together 500,000+ times per month on ScienceDirect.
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Sign up to get personalized recommendations. Learn about new or unfamiliar subject areas through embedded Topic pages. Keep abreast of the newest platform developments. ScienceDirect makes it easy to discover the most relevant interdisciplinary research in less time with our powerful technology and retrieval tools.
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Professor Shen-Ming Chen, National Taipei University of Technology (Taiwan)
Professor Chen shares his experience in picking the right quality journals to increase the value of his works and utilizing research platforms and tools to improve his research impact.
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Professor Elaine Reynolds, Lafayette College (USA)
A real-world example of the way ScienceDirect topics has supported users in the education market to explore original research, increasing their level of confidence.
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Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries (USA)
Over the years the Alliance has purchased Ebooks in a multitude of ways, from ad hoc acquisition of titles to satisfy faculty requests to deals for larger collections that capitalize on both breadth and depth of content.
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