Mark Hearn
Associate Editor
Mark is a nerd's nerd if ever such a thing existed. A collector of consumer electronics, he also enjoys film, sports and gaming. Highly opinionated, you'll often find him sharing his two cents in some dark corner of the internet.
Articles By Mark Hearn
Google Wallet comes to Sprint HTC One, Galaxy Note II, GS4 and US Cellular Note II
By M. Hearn, 05.15.2013
YouTube live-streaming now available to channels with over 1,000 subscribers
By M. Hearn, 05.15.2013
PayPal targets Square with hardware trade-ins, waives fees through 2013
By M. Hearn, 05.14.2013
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Hamster wheel used to control human-sized treadmill (video)
By M. Hearn, 05.14.2013
T-Mobile raises iPhone 5 down payment by $50, device now costs $150
By M. Hearn, 05.13.2013
PayPal's chief information security officer says passwords' days are numbered
By M. Hearn, 05.11.2013
Facebook for Android adds stickers, new layout for business pages (update: and 'ongoing notification')
By M. Hearn, 05.09.2013
Mozilla offering free phones in hopes of bolstering Firefox OS app development
By M. Hearn, 05.09.2013
By Odin's beard! Marvel Unlimited comics subscription app now available for Android
By M. Hearn, 05.09.2013
Google Earth 7.1 for Android introduces Street View and improved location search
By M. Hearn, 05.08.2013
Google Hangouts On Air updated with live broadcast rewinding and instant YouTube uploads
By M. Hearn, 05.07.2013
Chromium code hints at Google Now for OS X
By M. Hearn, 05.07.2013
Dish Anywhere for iPad updated with remote reset and Audio Only features
By M. Hearn, 05.06.2013
EA scores exclusive rights to develop future Star Wars games
By M. Hearn, 05.06.2013
Fullscreen BEAM app sends Google Glass videos directly to YouTube
By M. Hearn, 05.03.2013
T-Mobile's official TV app now available for iOS
By M. Hearn, 05.03.2013
YouTube Capture for iOS updated with optional WiFi only uploads
By M. Hearn, 05.02.2013
AT&T's Galaxy Note getting Jelly Bean via Kies on May 3rd (updated)
By M. Hearn, 05.02.2013
Google Keep now available in the Chrome Web Store
By M. Hearn, 05.02.2013
Google Hangouts add remote desktop control, let you play tech support
By M. Hearn, 05.02.2013
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