TikTok's Green Screen Duet feature lets you use other TikToks as a backdrop
You'll find it under the Duet layouts menu.
I. Bonifacic
Anatoliy Sizov via Getty Images
TikTok is adding another way for people to remix videos by letting them add their favorite TikToks to the background of their own clips. Aptly called Green Screen Duet, the feature combines Duet and Green Screen, two of TikTok’s most popular video formats. You’ll find it in the Duet layout menu, nestled between existing options like “react” and “left and right.” Like with all Duets, you’ll see a caption with a link to the original video. A lot of people on TikTok were already using the existing tools they had at their disposal to create a similar effect. This makes it easier to do that.   
Green Screen Duets are another example of how TikTok keeps coming up with fun ways to give people new tools to express themselves, even as its competitors look to replicate much of its core functionality. Just last month, the company added six new filters that react to the music that’s playing in your video. You can see what all the new filters look like over on the TikTok newsroom account.
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