Advertiser Frequently Asked Questions
How are ads priced?
Our prices differ by topic and by geography and rates change quarterly to balance demand.
Ads are priced in cost per thousand impressions (CPM) and we also offer an automatic 10% discount for ad buys of $3,000 or more.
While you might setup a recurring campaign to be billed monthly, all our pricing is per impression.
Our prospectus has all the details.
Can I post an ad promoting my job openings?
Absolutely. Hiring developers is one of the most popular reasons for advertising with us. We put your job right in front of developers using your technology.
How can I target my ads?
In line with our ethical advertising approach, we believe that ads can be well targeted while respecting users' privacy. We only target based on a user's country and the content of the page where the ad is served. For ads targeting the USA, we also support targeting by state.
Advertisers may also target ads by topics. Currently, these topics are:
Our prospectus will have the latest details and rates on keyword targeting. More niche targeting is possible although campaigns may take longer to fulfill due to availability. Inquire for details.
What geographic regions can I target?
We can target any region you'd like where we have enough inventory to run a campaign. Most of our advertisers are focused on North America and Europe although we have some advertisers interested in other regions such as Asia Pacific or India. Our prospectus has more pricing options but please let us know what you're interested in and we can quote you a price.
Some advertisers want to focus globally. For those advertisers, we recommend splitting your budget between what you're interested in targeting. This ensures advertisers get excactly what they expect.
What are the ad specifications?
There are two main ad placements across the EthicalAds network. We support unobtrusive text & image placements which use a 240 * 180px image (displayed at 120 * 90) and up to 100 characters of supporting text. There's also a text-only placement that uses up to 100 characters without an image. Publishers choose which placement best fits with their site and we have seen great performance for advertisers and publishers with both types.
Our prospectus has the full details and example screenshots.
What is the process for becoming a publisher?
The process generally follows these steps:
Where do the ads link to?
The ads can link to any URL. Typically they will link to your landing page on your website. You may include UTM parameters or other URL parameters to know that the traffic came from your ad on our site.
How do I track conversions?
Some other ad networks help advertisers to track conversions by using conversion pixels or beacons. These pixels are an image that advertisers can put on a conversion page. At EthicalAds, we don't use conversion pixels due to privacy concerns (see our guide on surveillance advertising). Instead, to track conversions, use your existing conversion tracking mechanism such as analytics and rely on UTM or other parameters added to your ad destination link. Keep in mind that our audience is a little more privacy-focused than the general public and JavaScript-based conversion metrics like Google Analytics can understate true conversions.
How are my ads scheduled?
We attempt to schedule advertising evenly based on the length and size of your campaign. However, if you want to advertise as fast as possible, we can definitely do that.
Can I run my ad JavaScript?
In order to respect our users' privacy, we do not allow any third-party ad scripts.
How can I see how my ads are performing?
Once you become an advertiser with us, you will have access to view live reports on the performance of your ads including how many times they were viewed and clicked. We count a viewable impression when the ad comes into the browser viewport.
How can I manage my ads?
After you become an advertiser, you will get access to our advertising platform where you can create, change, or turn off your ads as well as see live reports broken down by each ad.
Where do my ads appear?
Ads appear on sites that belong to our publisher network. Placement is customizable based on their requirements, but we always ensure a valuable placement.
What type of ads are acceptable?
We want ads that are of interest to our audience of millions of software developers.
EthicalAds has final approval for all ads with respect to editorial and creative content but generally this isn't an issue.
What are the details of the EthicalAds audience?
See our audience.
Do my ads support open source?
EthicalAds is open source software and the ads go to support development of the publishers where ads are hosted.
How can I get started advertising?
We thought you'd never ask. Simply fill out our advertising information form. A member of our team will contact you with a detailed prospectus and will walk you through the process of getting started advertising on Read the Docs.
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