Community Ads Program
Giving back to the dev community with free, privacy-preserving advertising for worthy causes.
Community Ads
We also give our publishers the ability to give back to the community by promoting worthy, relevant causes. There are a large number of projects, conferences, and initiatives that we care about in the software and open source ecosystems. A large number of them operate with almost no income. Our optional Community Ads program highlights these projects by running ad campaigns at no cost.
An ad raising awareness for the Call for Proposals for Pycon US 2022.
There are a few qualifications for our Community Ads program:
Please fill out the application below to be considered for our Community Ads program.
Apply to our Community Ads program
Start growing your cause with our network today.
Your name
Your email
Your cause or initiative
What kind of initiative is your cause?
Open Source Project
Your cause's name
Your causes's website
Ad details
Text to accompany your ad

Up to 100 characters. Emojis allowed but please use them sparingly
Image to go with your ad
A 240*180px image displayed at 120*90
Link destination upon click
Do you have a specific date you'd like to promote before?

Useful for conferences or events that happen on a certain date
Geographic focus (where you would like your ad to be shown)
US and Canada
Asia Pacific
Other (explain in coments)
Your cause's topic focus (a topic focus for your ad)
Data science and machine learning
Backend web development
Frontend web development
Security and privacy

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