Publisher Frequently Asked Questions
What data can I see about the ads?
We have reports for the following data:
Does it matter if I use text or image ads?
We sell a mix of CPC (paid per click) and CPM (paid per view) ads. Ads that are viewed and clicked more get more revenue. The better and more visible the placement, generally the more money we both make. Some of our best performing publishers use the text ad format, but in places that are very visible or persistent in the page design.
Any restrictions on ad placements?
Yes, please read our full Publisher Policy on ad display.
How much will I make?
These numbers will vary based on your audience and topics that you write about since advertisers prices vary by geography and by topic. In addition, the performance of your ad placements are a factor since some advertisers pay per click rather than per impression. Generally, publishers see around $2.00 per 1,000 pageviews (CPM). North American pageviews usually bring in a little more than this. Traffic from Europe, Australia, or New Zealand is typically right about $2 while ads shown to users in the rest of the world usually bring in less.
How can I be paid?
Please read our full Publisher Policy on payouts.
Why do I only see house ads?
You should generally see paid ads if you are in the US or EU. If you're somewhere else in the world, you might see paid ads or not. The later you are in the day, the more likely that you might see more unpaid ads if we haven't fully sold your specific location and keywords. You can always look in your publisher dashboard to see more information on what is happening, once data has started to be collected.
How do I ensure the ads will perform well on my site?
Please read our Publisher Guide for placement help.
How do you target ads?
We target ads on two primary things: location and keywords. Location targeting uses the IP address of the client, but we only target this to the Country and US State level. Keyword targeting comes from either the site or page the ad is shown on. Sites have default keywords, but publishers can override this with Page-specific keywords. We strongly recommend implementing Page-specific keywords to increase the success of your ads, if you have this metadata on your site.
Is EthicalAds open source?
Yes, both our ad server and the client that runs on publisher's sites are open source. You can read more about our open source code and transparency here.
This sounds great, how do I sign up?
Simply fill out our publisher application form with some information, and we'll get back to you right away.
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