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Welcome to the 24th edition
February 22, 2021
As our contribution to the celebration of International Mother Language Day, we are pleased to announce the release of the 24th edition of Ethnologue. Mother Language Day, February 21, reminds the world of the importance of the lesser-known languages of the world.

A language of Canada. Population: 950 (2016 census). Ethnic population: 3,600 (1995 M. Krauss). Status: 7 (Shifting). Statutory language of provincial identity in NWT (1988, NWT Official Languages Act, Chapter 56 (Supplemented),...
Coronavirus and Local Languages: How do you say, "wash your hands"?
All of us are at risk. And for the millions who speak a lesser-known language, that risk is compounded by the lack of health materials in a language they understand.
by SIL International
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