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The European Parliament offers a free electronic subscription service that allows you to receive automatic e-mail notifications when new information is added to certain areas of our website. This helps to keep you informed about items of interest without having to return to the website to check for updates.
To subscribe to this service you need to provide your e-mail address. It will be used only to provide you with the content you have requested or to give you access to your own subscribers profiile (which you can protect with a password).
The number of topics available through this free subscription service may change over time, so check back periodically for additional options.
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If you are interested in receiving e mail notifications when information on chosen topics is added to the site subscribe and select your choices.
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You can add or delete subscriptions at any time. You can access your user profile to change your e-mail address, modify your subscriptions or remove your e-mail address from this service.
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If you need assistance or have any suggestions about the email notification service, please contact​
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