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The Secretary-General
European Parliament
The Treaty of Paris, the first breath of European unity
House of Europe/Jean Monnet House, Paris27-05-2021 - 08:08
In order to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Treaty of Paris the Jean Monnet House in Bazoches-sur-Guyonne together with the Maison de l'Europe in Paris CIED launched the first of conference series “The Treaty of Paris, the first breath of European unity”. Secretary-General Klaus Welle contributed by giving a speech at this inaugural gathering.
Europe is more than just rules and regulations
Brussels04-12-2020 - 08:23
With the encouragement of Secretary-General Klaus Welle, the European Parliament is investing in not only Brussels office space but also the city's heritage. Following the House of European History and the Wiertz project, plans are now afoot to turn the Solvay building into a major European library. ‘It always struck me that there were some real gems to be found in the environs of Parliament, but that to some extent they had seen better days.’
ESPAS yearly conference: How to build a more resilent Europe?
European Parliament, Brussels18-11-2020 - 08:25
At the 2020 ESPAS Conference, Klaus Welle participated in the panel ‘Towards a more resilient Europe: Assessing risks, opportunities and capabilities'. With his introductory presentation, he contributed to an active discussion about the future of Europe.
All activities
Keynote speech by Klaus WELLE at the Wilfried Martens Centre event: “25 Years of Spitzenkandidaten: What does the Future hold?” (pdf - 153 KB)
Preparing Europe for the next 25 years (pdf - 22 MB)
‘Are the EU and the US becoming similar?’ – Klaus Welle at the LUISS University (pdf - 513 KB)
Speech at the European Student Conference (ESC2016) on 'Changing Politics in Europe' (pdf - 246 KB)
The economic potential of the ten-point Juncker Plan for growth without debt (pdf)
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Welcome to the Secretary-General Website
The Secretary-General is Parliament's most senior official. As his title implies, he heads the Secretariat. The Bureau decides the Secretariat's membership and organisation. The Secretary-General is responsible for Parliament's administration.  He is appointed by the Bureau under Rule 207 of the Rules of Procedure.
Biography and Responsibilities
The Secretary-General is responsible for the organisation of parliamentary business under the political leadership of the European Parliament President, the Bureau of the European Parliament and the Conference of Presidents of the European Parliament.

The Secretary-General ensures the requisite cooperation and coordination amongst Directorate-Generals of the European Parliament.
Deputy Secretary-General
Legal Service
The Cabinet of the Secretary-General
Think tank
Follow the Parliament’s work and check out the documents used to shape EU legislation in-depth analysis of EU policies.
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The Legislative Train
The Legislative Train Schedule aims at providing an interesting and animated way to visualise the legislative elements that make up the working programme.
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Klaus Welle
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The Secretary-General
European Parliament
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