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SafeSearch is a feature that allows you to control what turns up in your searches on Flickr. This feature is enabled for all members by default.
Note - If your login ID is based in Singapore, Hong Kong, India, Korea, or is with, you'll only be able to view safe content based on your local Terms. This means you won’t be able to turn SafeSearch off.
If your login ID is based in Germany or Romania, you are not able to view restricted content due to your local Terms.
Levels of SafeSearch
You can set a default SafeSearch level that you'd like to use (if you're signed in to your account). You can also change this setting per search via the Advanced Search page.
SafeSearch filters also apply when you're browsing Flickr-hosted images or videos. 
For example, if you browse to a web page with a Flickr-hosted photo that's outside your SafeSearch, you won't see the image. However, if the image or video is not hosted on Flickr, we only know it's outside your SafeSearch if it's flagged by a Flickr member. If you're signed in, you have the option to click through to see it, unless the content is flagged as "restricted" and you're under 18.
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