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How to Host a Photo Event
2 months ago Updated
Here are a few basic tips to consider when hosting a photo event for your community. 
Have a purpose. What are you trying to accomplish? Your goal can be as simple as meeting other people who like photography and taking photos together. 
Decide on the type of event you are hosting. Is it online or in-person? There are many different formats for a successful community event: photo walks, workshops, meetups, photography challenges… Choose the format that best suits your needs.
Choose the right location. Are you meeting in a studio,  outdoors, online? Be sure everyone can easily find the meetup location. Consider making a Google Map (or another service) of your location or route to share in your group before the event. 
Think of a time that suits your audience. Evenings and weekends tend to be very popular, especially if your audience is likely to work full-time and can’t meet during regular working hours.
The meetup may be focused around a specific event (e.g. a parade, block party, photography conference, etc) that dictates the time but, where possible, try to pick a time that may successfully attract the best audience. Consideration should also be given to time of year, time of day, and potential weather. 
Find a space to communicate with your audience. Each event will be associated with a Flickr group to connect before and after the event. You should actively monitor the group for questions or comments. You can also use external sites to track attendance or connect with other communities outside of Flickr.
Make a plan. What is your event name? What is the theme? If it's a physical event, do you need to plan a route or secure a venue? Make sure all the details are accounted for. If you’re comfortable with it, share your contact info in the group so attendees can ask any questions day-of, or late arrivals can catch up with you.
Price of the event. If you are hosting a free event, please indicate that it is free. If you want to host an event with a cost to participate, you must be a Flickr Pro to be considered for the Flickr Events page.
Promote your event. To promote your event on Flickr, please fill out this Event Form. We want to improve the connections among our community members and help you find others who share your interests.
Be visible and responsive. Once your Flickr Group is set up, monitor the activity regularly. Check in for new members. See what topics and questions come up. 
Thank your participants after the event is over. Keep in contact with all attendees to let them know about future events.
Keep connected. Invite attendees to share their photos in your Flickr group and tag the event. Share any group shots, ideas, and feedback that can help you plan for the next one.
Interested in hosting an event? Let us know by filling out this Event Form.
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