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How to use Advanced Search
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Advanced Search is a great way for you to find photos using a variety of filters. You can go straight to advanced search without a search term here: or click Advanced after searching:
Your photos will be displayed separately from people you follow and everyone’s photos:
To view all photos that match, click on View all on the right side of the page:
Once you click View All you can refine your search in that bucket. For example, if you click View all within your own photos, you can then search only your photos. For example, we did a search for “fish” then changed it to “San Francisco”:
Click Clear to reset your search:
Search by Date
You can either search for photos by date taken or uploaded specifically, or refine an existing search by date. To search for photos by date, you can choose a date range or a specific day from the picker.
You can also change your search from Date Taken to Date Uploaded:
You can use the date search in tandem with a text search to find the photo you’re looking for. For example, we searched for photos of “fish” within a certain time frame:
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