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How to zoom in on photos
4 months ago Updated
At the beginning of 2020, we launched a new feature to enable our members to view photos in even greater detail— the multi-click zoom feature. This feature allows you to zoom in, possibly multiple times, to a photo and see its details up close and in more clarity. Now that Pro members can upload 6k photos, this feature lets members appreciate those photos fully!
How it works
With multi-click zoom, you might be able to zoom in once, twice, or not at all, based on the photo's resolution.
If one click can reasonably go from the default viewing size to full size, it will do just that in one click. However, if the difference between the default view and the full size of the photo is too big, Flickr will detect that and add in a middle step, which will allow you to click a second time.
Once you’re as zoomed in as you can be, the next click will return you to the default viewing size.
Why can’t I zoom in on every photo?
Photos are only so large when they’re taken and thus have a defined resolution— the amount of pixels that makes up the photo— to display. If that resolution is too small (low resolution), the picture itself may already be at full size, and it's not possible to zoom in to view a larger size.
If a photo is large enough (high resolution), you’ll be able to zoom in once and see it at full size that way. If a photo is even larger, you’ll be able to zoom in twice.
Please note: Even if a photo has a very high resolution, multi-click zoom may not be available if you’re using a high resolution display monitor, such as a Retina display. Because of the higher resolution on the screen, even large photos will be at full size without having to zoom in.
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