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Non-consensual intimate image (revenge porn) resources
4 months ago Updated
Finding out that someone put your private images or videos online without your consent can be devastating. Taking care of yourself during a difficult time is most important. 
Here are some organizations that can offer help should you need it.
Cyber Civil Rights Initiative National Helpline: (844-878-CCRI) 24/7 telephone support and advice for victims affected by non-consensual pornography.
National Domestic Violence Hotline: (800-799-7233) 24/7 telephone support for victims affected by domestic violence.
Love is Respect: (866-331-9474) 24/7 chat, call and text peer support for young people who have questions or concerns about dating relationships.
Without My Consent: Educational materials to fight online harassment.
Badass Army Support: for people whose intimate photos or videos have been disseminated online without their consent.
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